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We play "swingers" here. Best with 6 or 8 people. If there is an odd number of players, there will be one cali per hole.

Get pairs of cards, aces, twos, threes... etc. Shuffle the cards and let everybody pick one out. Teams are set that way. If there is an odd number, we use the joker to designate the cali. Everybody keeps their own score. Everybody keeps changing partners every hole... Aces tee first, twos second and so on....
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Originally Posted by kenjiac View Post
Skylands (Club for Warwick Park) has a tournament called Double Basket Double Doubles. Each team tees off from the silver tees. Each partner then goes to their partners lie and then each basket must be holed out. Add shots taken together for team score on each hole. This format is a lot of fun.
yeah thats where I got the format from (from Bill Newman) but didn't know that you had to play the other lie.
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We played a best shot triples thing at Highbridge last year, with the twist of you actually had 4 people on each team, and one hole someone had to sit out, but you coulnd't sit out more than 1 hole in a row, and everyone had to sit once before someone could sit twice.

Made for an interesting and somewhat strategic round as we weighed the value of when to sit the longest thrower, or the most consistent approacher.

Was also hella funas there may have been good friends and good beer involved. TEAM DISCOVERY CHANNEL GO.
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Originally Posted by bthoma1 View Post
This will only work if your have alternating teepads. So every team starts from the am pads, if you birdie that hole you go to the pro pads. You only go back to am pads if you par or worse. But you keep getting a bird than you stay on pro pads. But once you par and are on am pads the moment youbirdy again you go to pro pads
This Saturday starts our bring-your-own-partner glow doubles. Since it is b.y.o.p.(Instead of random A/B draw) we are doing a similar sort of handicapping format.
Start as "best shot", if you par or worse you play next hole "best shot" again. If you birdie play next hole "bad shot". If you ace or birdie 2 or more holes in a row, play next hole "worst shot". As soon as you par (or worse) again you are back to "best shot".
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