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New course in Cambridge, Ohio

I met with a guy at Salt Fork State Park today about installing a course. He is excited to have the course a part of his park , only down fall is that I have been put incharge of getting sponsorship to fund the course.

My question is, has anyone ever been in this position and can lend some advise on the best way to get advertisements/sponsorhips?
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Make a topic at ohiodiscgolf.org on this subject and you should get some responses from people that are currently or recently gotten sponsorships for new courses (Portage Lake comes to mind). For new courses you'll want to go get hole sponsors. Make a price per hole and offer that to local businesses, other DG clubs and players.
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i'd ask some of the companies you do buisness with, like your insurance agent (they're always looking for new clients) and your bank or credit union (they have your large sum of investments and savings might as well sponser a hole for you), I'd also ask the buisness that is likely to sell discs in that area. maybe a local restaurant or two. If you purchase DGA baskets and your the initial contact of getting the course put in you'll get a 7 % commission and you could donate that along with some more of your savings to buy a basket. Maybe your doctor or chiropractor could sponser a hole. maybe if I got to design some of the Salt Fork DGC i would buy a basket, how interested are you in getting sponsorships? I'd also ask thepeople that will be helping you clear the land for the same companies I listed above. maybe one of the DISC manufactors or one of companies that sell bags, I'd ask all the disc golf stores up to a 2 hour radius if they might be interested in buying a hole (can't hurt). maybe a funneral director. pizza parlor.

a word to the wise.... I'm currently working with another State Park and they won't let us use chainsaws or other power equipment. How much land do you have to clear and how many volenteers do you have to help ya?? We have a lot of thick land to clear and not to many volenteers (as who wants to do the dirty work, not to many). You'll appreciate the help you get. Hope I helped.

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I am working on a price per hole to pitch to buisnesses and clubs. The park said that they can get the boy scouts to help with some of the labor like installing the tee pads. The park is also going to do most of the clearing as well. Basically is I am incharge of designing it and raising the funds. Does anyone know of a club that did a flyer asking for sponsorship/advertising? That is the part that I am struggling with right at the moment. I am in contact with local sign makers getting quotes and asking for donations from them, but would like something formal to present to some buisnesses.

Danhyzer I would like to have you you input on the design once we pick which property we are going to use. I am willing to take any help I can get. There isn't a club around this area so I am doing this venture with just a couple of friends and only one of them knows anything about DG.
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Any word on the progress of this course? I recently moved here from Charlotte and met with parks and rec (salt fork state park) regarding a course in the area and almost got laughed at because apparently, the guy that was originally designing this ran away with the plans and the money. I am willing to take over where he let off (i.e. start from scratch) out of my own pocket, but is there even a reason to put a course in the ground here? If even one person responds to this, it will be motivation enough but this thread is dated 2010 and its 2013 so I don't know. I've designed 5 coursed in the Charlotte area so I can make it happen but I need to know if anyone would even be willing to give it a shot... lets see how it goes.
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I don't know anything about this, but I'd certainly be interested in coming over to Salt Fork to play if this gets put in. I grew up in Coshocton, and I'm pretty sure there are not many courses in that general area. It's too bad; the terrain is nice there.

Good luck, and keep us posted.
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