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I have two ESP's, one flat and one domey and love them both. The flat one is a great finesse discs and is my favorite forehand approach disc, goes where ever I point it. The domey one does just what domey Comets are supposed to do.
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I'm bagging a slightly pearly big-z Comet with the meatball stamp. It's pretty flat, the shoulder rises up quite a bit tho, but it's flat after that. I'd say about 50% of the disc is flat. It flies understable for me, I'm definitely getting some turn and a tiny bit of fade back when I throw it fast but clean. When I'm throwing it with a tiny bit of oat it does of course turn and burn hard. It's awesome for field work and in the woods. FWIW I got a noodle arm, this big-z Comet would probably be pretty understable for a big arm
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A word on the Ledgestone Ti. I've been playing around with mine. It's max weight. I love how it feels and flies, but it actually has lots of overlap with my more used Buzzz. In other words, not as much turn as my Z and ESP. Still seems to be good in the glide department. I imagine it would be very big-arm-friendly, and probably will wear in nicely so that turnovers become more feasible for my middle-of-the-road power.
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Big Z in my experience are some of the flatter comets. I actually like them for shots I used to throw an X comet for. ESP or regular Z are a better bet if you are looking for a straight comet you don't have to finesse as much.
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I have a max weight ESP and a 177g Ti Comet and I love both of them, even if the max weight is a flat-top.
I have found a 164g Z Comet and I am wondering how it should fly compared to the my other 2.

I am looking for a disc that I can throw flat and it flip into a gentle turn to the finish. I figure it is this or a similar weight Opto Fuse.

As for my power, I throw my ESP Comet a bit over 300' but my max distance with a driver is about 360'. I have good form but not a lot of power.

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I use a 166 g Z as a flip mid; thrown flat it will turn and not come back. It's a bit touchier in that it will turn and burn easier than a heavier Comet, so I have to pay attention to what I'm doing and make sure my form is smooth before I throw it.
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Thanks Three Putt. I think I will pull the trigger on that and also get a 173g Z for some extra distance throws.

Oh, and one correction to my above post, my form is smooth; I am not so sure about good. Better than most rec players at least.
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Does anybody have any info on this disc? I know that it is one of the old Elite X stamps. I have one that I bought a few years ago right before the stamp was changed to the boring one that currently graces the X Comet. I saw this one in what definitely seems to be older Elite Z plastic for a reasonable price and had to pick it up. Any ideas if this was a pretty common stamp in this plastic or when they might have been run? This and the Saturn comet are two of my favorite disc golf stamps of all time.
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I don't remember that being a common stamp at all, at least not since 2004. I have several just because I thought they looked different. They act just how you would expect a Z Comet to act.
Mine are yellow, too. I wonder if they were all yellow?

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They were not. I have a red. Love the stamp. Looks great on that Z plastic.

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