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Re: "appoved" as a CE Indicator

I understand that the "pdga appoved" stamp on Millennium QJLS and QMS is not a sure-fire indicator that a specific disc is CE plastic. My question has to do with how long Millennium continued to use that stamp (missing the 'r' in approved) on their QJLS and QMS discs. Was the error specific to the original run of CE discs, or did Millennium continue to use this stamp because of the popularity even on discs that were not CE plastic?
Also, on a QMS that has the "pdga appoved" stamp, is tie-dye another indicator or non-indicator of a CE disc?
Lastly, what specific clues would a person look for to know for sure that a QJLS or QMS is CE plastic?
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All of the CE QJLS's I have had were marked QJ. It is an indicator, but not a sure thing.
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Pretty sure the 2-color stamp is the surefire indicator for CE on those.

That is, the bubbles and the rest of the logo were stamped separately and are different colors.
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Appoved, "Q" marking on back, double color foil, and opaque CE.

appoved Qmegas are not CE. not all appoved QMS and QJLS are CE. You really just gotta see a few different variations and then you know
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^^^ vouching for these facts from a Millennium sponsored pro

Also, any continued use of the error stamps was out of negligence in stamping at Innova, not any sort of popularity of the stamp. It was a dumb mistake until after they fixed it, and the error stamp was an indicator of an older product. They should've destroyed and replaced the plates.

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I am no expert on Millennium, but discgolfworld out of Kansas City has a CE Omega listed on ebay, or maybe I should say an Omega they are claiming is CE, it is cherry red and looks different than the Quantum Omegas I have. The Quantum Omegas I have are "Appoved", but do not seem like CE to me, it is still pretty easy to get "Appoved" Omegas from online stores.
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$60 for a new plate or sell a typo for the next decade
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