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Originally Posted by fishmich View Post
Originally Posted by mashnut View Post
I love throwing comet shots that flip up and go straight forever, then drift right at the end. Really any lid-like flight is fun to throw and fun to watch for me.
Originally Posted by ru4por View Post
Originally Posted by joecoin View Post
Originally Posted by wake_rider View Post
Either my Comet or my Wham-O 71 Mold.

I can flip that 71 Mold up and get it to fly long and dead straight for a good 260'. It's so floaty, slow and fun to throw
Originally Posted by Eco81 View Post
ESP comet and dx viper
Originally Posted by blackcatsmith View Post
I'm a big fan of the PA4... still. It's been my carry everywhere disc for over six months now. Honorable mentions include: The PA2, The Z Comet, An old beat to jesus hand dyed Star Shark, The M2, The F2(an Ace will do that to a disc) and the F5, The Escape, The SLAIDi, the Firebird, and my Glow Gator. It would be easier to list the discs I don't have fun throwing... only I can't think of any...
Originally Posted by Alcuin View Post
Comet all day.

Specifically my beat ESP that can pull off some crazy lines. I got my first ace on it 5/12, my second one 6/13, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to hit one with it this July... That would be an ace on it for every year I've played the game. It must happen.
Originally Posted by jrawk View Post
Originally Posted by General Scales View Post
Oh man, Whittler for sure! That disc is just so much fun to throw. That or of course, a Comet :-)
Other Comet vote here!

watching a comet flip up and slowly glide forever towards the basket is a thing of beauty.
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The Comet doesn't hit the ground, it comes in for a landing.
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Haven't been throwing them very long, just a couple months, but my Sinuses are a BLAST. Hard Sinus in a one disc round FTW.
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I pretty much BAG all my discs....but I have a few discs I don't '''care''' about that much and I'd bust out to just launch if i feel the shot is questionable, and I like to throw them::: Z XS, BEAT champ Starfire.

* for my REAL bag stuff, I love throwing the M5 and D5, reliable understable flights. and fun to flip
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Used to have an extremely beat in blizzard dominator that you could put on a 60 degree angle and it would still flip up and turn and crash, so much fun to just see what it would do next.
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Zepher & super beat proto stamp DX Aero
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Another polecat vote here. Big sky hyzers that float around like spaceships.
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Originally Posted by Rob Ert View Post
Haven't been throwing them very long, just a couple months, but my Sinuses are a BLAST. Hard Sinus in a one disc round FTW.

I have to agree. The Sinus hasn't made my regular bag, but I really enjoy pulling it out of my "extras" pocket and ripping it hard down the fairway.
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DX Classic Roc
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