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cool thanks
wow had no idea it was PLUS 0.5
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Got to really try out my two Trespasses today. Bagging a 173g Fuzion and a 172g BioFuzion.

I'm hooked. I've been searching for this disc, and the thread title couldn't be anymore accurate; they really are The Missing Link.

I don't consider myself to have a power-arm but today the Fuzion Trespass made me feel like I did. I had ditched all my drivers and bagged a couple Speed 10s(TD) to get my confidence in drives up. After a couple months with the TD I felt it was time to move back up. After previously bagging Destroyers, D3/D4, and Wraiths, I decided to try out the Trespass on suggestion of this form. Today I was able to pump out a couple 350-380' drives hat I previously had been unable to do. With some more field work I believe I can finally reach 400' with the confidence I have in the Fuzion Trespass.

It loved to fly the great golf-lines needed for slightly wooded holes and bombed on the open ones. This disc screams confidence. The BioFuzion is currently more stable than the Fuzion, but the Bio is brand new. I imagine it will break in and begin to turn just a bit more, developing into a great distance/control driver. It's a fantastic compliment to my Lucid Renegade.

I can't wait to go play again just so I can throw the Trespass.
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bio will break in...a litte to quickly for my tastes, but fusion is much more durable.
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I have a love hate relationship with this disc. Last year when I first tried them they were the easiest throwing disc I threw to get to 400 plus. Then later in the season they became flippy; all of them so I could not blame seasoning one. I had to reduce my runup by a step, which felt awkward, but necessary to get them under control.

This year after falling in love with the BioFuzion plastic I gave them another try, and boom, easy 400 plus distance, and for a second time replacing my Swords. This time they seemed more stable than my Swords. How strange. I am getting the same distance for the same amount of power between the two years but the stability is like night and day. I started to throw Moonshines and Fuzions to see if there was a difference. The Moonshines were a little shorter but had the same stability, but the Fuzion was considerably more stable. That is even more confusing because the BioFuzion Truth that got me reinvested in Dynamic is considerably more stable than a Fuzion Truth I tried out.

In the last week all my Trespasses, Fuzion included, have developed a slight flip and turn. Unlike last year, this is actually very predictable and the flight I like to see from a maximum distance driver. It is happening in all of them, so again it is not the case of one or two seasoning. The only thing I can attribute this to is that in the last few weeks I have coupled it with a Sorcerer which is an excellent hyper flipping maximum distance driver. The slight change in my throwing form has benefitted the Trespass as well.
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I have the same relationship with the trespass. I'm currently in the hate phase though...
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I dont have a love/hate relationship with the trespass, but I have mixed feelings about it. I was hoping it would replace my wraiths and it didn't. It was more destro than wraith, but I was ok with it. I managed to work with it, but i do wish it was a bit shallower yet still have the same stability as it does now. My optos have yet to really break in and get into their sweet spots, but im working on it one tree at a time. I think a lighter trespass would really suit me more and be the disc i want it to be.
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I've thought about that as well. I only have one under 170 but it's black and terribe to find. The rest of mine are heavy for what I normally toss in drivers. The place I buy from seems to never have light weights in decent colors.
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