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Help! Setting up my bag for spring?

Looking for advice on overlap or gaps that need to be filled?

Nuke OS, D1 400 and 400G, D2, D3, star destroyer, nuke SS, PD (s and c), predator, FD (s and c), hornet, buzz, M4, opto pure, PA 4, and anode.

OS is a utility disc for me...thumbers and such.

Do I need a fairway between the pred and c fd in terms of stability? Or a more under stable fairway?

Looking for any friendly advice and I know different things work for different people.
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You have only served to make me realize how out of touch I am with new plastic releases. D1 400 and 400G, D2, D3 PD (s and c), M4, PA 4? None of that means anything to me. Man, I am going to have to buy more plastic......
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i make my discs earn a spot in my bag during spring training, i put them all in there and which ever ones do good, i keep 'em, if they don't, they get tossed back in the crate until one of my other discs starts not doing what it's supposed to then i go diggin through the crate again...
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You can't talk about spring when it's 10 outside here.

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Your putters and mids are solid. Unless your S FD is really beat, I'd might want a more understable fairway driver like a Patriot/Leopard. I obviously don't know how beat up your Distance Drivers are but you definitely have a bunch of overlap. I'm moving towards having 4 distance drivers:

Mega Overstable (will still fade when thrown into a headwind, will yank out of anny quick and hard, not used often but necessary)
Slightly Overstable (can be thrown into a headwind and not flip, pulls out of anny for long flex shots).
Stable (will flip up flat and then fade a little bit at end, will just pull out of anny at end of flight)
Understable (flip up or even turn a bit, then finish straight, holds anny to ground)

What is the difference in your D1s? How does your Star Destroyer (which can range from really overstable to understable) compare to your Prodigy drivers in stability?

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Originally Posted by Stardoggy View Post
You can't talk about spring when it's 10 outside here.

Seriously. What's spring?
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Being hopeful with spring... Heat wave in se mi today. I got the anode and PA 4 as gifts this Christmas. Love the feel of them. How do they compare?
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Know your bag is the key

There is some overlap in your bag. The D1 and D2 are most likely the same disc. The D1 400G is going to be slightly more over stable that the other D1 and D2. I find the D3s to be a bit harder to throw consistently than either the D1 or D2. If you really like the Prodigy plastic, I would find a D2 in the opaque plastic (often there are swirls of the dye). The Nuke OS is of the flavor of the Prodigy drivers.

As for the rest of the bag, part of deciding what goes in is comfort and part of it is by design or decision.

Comfort: Most of the active season, I tend to do a fair bit of field work. Find a soccer or football field and at times it is not being used. Bring the discs you have and throw. Try different release angles, forehand, thumpers, s shots. The goal is to learn the discs. Eventually, you will find some of the discs become your favorites.

Design or Decision: In my bag, I have distance drivers, fairways, mids and putters. There is one overstable, one stable and one under stable at most points. Of my 'favorites' from above, there is a back up (just in case a lost disc occurs).

I was carrying a Flick for getting out of trouble and a older beat Vision for getting out of trouble. I have simplified my bag and pulled these out. I found that I could use others already in the bag to accomplish the same goals (comfort from above).

Direct to your question about PA4 or Anode, they are basically the same disc. They are under stable putters. Your decision comes down to comfort and feel.

My current bag: Trespass (Fuzion) or D1, Renegade (Fuzion), Escape (Fuzion), River (1 opto & 1 gold), Truth (Fuzion), M2, M4G, Ion, Anode (a Gold Stryker will go in for long heavily wooded courses)
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Originally Posted by breynnmike View Post
Seriously. What's spring?
lol, right?
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