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Originally Posted by yorunner View Post
130g dx archangel..........thats what my daughter uses.......when she is not trying to steal my pink sparkle saint
I almost ordered her a pink first run Zombee, but it was heavier than I wanted for her. Was 169g. Plus my wife would have killed me if I added any more disc to the order
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Played 20 holes at Iriquois Park today and I was having Beryl throw 2 or 3 discs, including the new Cobra I bought her before we started today. Between that Cobra and Buzzz, she may not need anything else, she actually ditched her Shark when we took that bathroom break. She's liking her Magics too.

Taking her to Cincy tomorrow to spend a week at my mom's, so I really enjoyed our last round of golf together for a week. We got to the park about 12:15 and left about 3:45
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So that 165g pink Zombee was still at PIAS. Bought it for Beryl today and she will get it when she comes back home Friday. This was a present for her good final report card. Should go well w/her 2 Leopards.
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Added a couple of red discs to the bag today for Beryl and I to both test out. She used them mostly today. Both 168g, DX Eagle X and DX Gazelle. Beryl had pulled her DX Shark for the time being to focus on her Buzzz and Cobra so I decided to throw it today. It's well broken in and at this point I'd probably say it's ratings when I throw it are more like 4 4 0 -1. Considering that starts list as 0 2, that's pretty broken in

We traded in some of those distance drivers people had given her, plus a few I had and wasn't throwing. $2/disc from PIAS isn't the best deal, but some of those discs we traded in were really beat, the R Pro Boss looked like someone had driven a pencil thru the flightplate near the edge. Not anything I expected the marketplace to jump after. It was either the 2 DX discs or a Star Teebird and I'd rather see new plastic in my hands than another plastic of a mold I already have
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Thanks for starting this thread and keeping it going SSquirrel my daughter turns one in two weeks so in the distant future I am sure I will be taking the same journey with her. She is already showered in minis cause I get her a new one every time I order discs, plus I got a mini basket for her room. To any soon to be parents there honestly isnt any better chew toy for teething then an Innova Glow mini driver, my daughter loves em! Cant wait to hear how your daughter progresses it will be these young women who will grow the sport more than anything, could you imagine a group of women going on a disc shopping spree!
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So I'm trying to help Beryl be consistent w/her putting. If she tries a shorter stroke putt, she either throws it too high or just real floppy and lands short. Today practicing putting before we played, she did full arm swings and full power right into the chains, one after the other. It was really cool and I was happy for her, but I pointed out that if she is off target on those full power throws she will have a loooonng makeup putt

Weather was gorgeous today tho. She also apparently listened to me too much on getting her nose down, now I'm trying to reverse a bit for her so she stops throwing into the dirt heh. Her distance has disappeared on most throws b/c she started throwing too far down. Ahh well, correcting that next I suppose.
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Wow, didn't realize it had been this long since I posted anything here for Beryl. She's been doing well this year. We stopped playing w/the summer heat at some point, but started up again not too long ago. I have no idea what she has in her bag right now. I think she may be back on the Magics instead of the Aviars again, but I just bought her a new Star Aviar F2 this week, so she will probably use it next time out. She managed to lose her Bee Buzzz, which makes me sad, so I will probably end up rebuying that at some point. Her ranges are about teh same as they were earlier this year, I think she is finally starting to understand how much arm she needs to give on putting a bit better tho.
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Thread Revival! Didn't want to start my own.

My 10 year old daughter plays dg with me on a rare occasion. She has a bag that I won at an Ace Race a couple of years ago. She's played a little (just a few times a year) since she was 5. I just wanted to throw out her bag for fun. I'll post a little more later. Anyone else have nice "kid" stories, etc.?

Her bag consists of:

Putting Putter:
Yellow Banger-GT (came from the same Ace Race and she loved the color)

Approach Discs:
Polecat (first disc I ever bought her because she liked the DX stamp)
Birdie (Kindly given to her by a friend of mine, Tinhorndan.)

Distance Discs:
136g DX Leopard (It was given to her by a guy at the same Ace Race. We were "talking life" during the tourney and when he heard about my daughter, he actually offered to mail me the disc. I thought that this was awesome.)

149g DX Leopard (My first Leopard that's really beat in.)

Light Champion, Barry Schultz, Leopard (It's day-glo yellow-green, her favorite color so I had to get it when I saw it.)

Newest Disc:
150g DX Stingray (I just got if for her last Christsmas because I love Stingrays and thought that she should have one, too. Plus it's a great beginner disc and nice for her small hands. Plus it's a pretty, swirly, purple.)
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