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Originally Posted by BennettUA View Post
Obviously you love your heeler; I'm looking into dog breeds for a late spring addition to my lonely new place. One of my high school friends had a blue heeler, I LOVED that dog, stayed with them for a summer internship and spent a LOT of time with that dog.

He had a LOT of energy --- does yours run you down? i.e. do you have to spend an excessive amount of time to burning off his energy? Don't get me wrong, I will DEFINITELY play with my dog a LOT, just asking the pertinent questions.

I've owned a couple fantastic golden retrievers, but the soon-to-be-ex-wife took them with her, and wouldn't be right to split them. Great disc dogs and great energy, but I want a little something different this time.

Met a vizsla puppy yesterday, melted my heart, and may be right up my alley.

as a puppy my ACD/Blue Heeler was a bit of a hell raiser until his first year. biting our heels/calves/barking at us and herding people/other dogs while biting heels and shriek barking. I was overwhelmed with how much energy this dog had. we did do all sorts of puppy socialization classes (because my wife and I lived in brooklyn at the time) he was always near other dogs and parks/streets were cramped.

everything he did from crossing the street, to going down stairs, giving him a treat/toy/food we made him earn it by sitting, down, or hand targeting.

we moved to CT last year and now 5min away from a 30acre dog park and it was a lot easier to exercise him. the way I work them [my two dogs] is by either playing fetch with a chuck it (i used to play baseball so I was so snobbish about using a chuckit, but now i admit its a godsend).

The disc catching happened organically because my dog would just stare mesmerized at other dogs (usually boarder collies) catching discs so I tried it out and it happened pretty quick. By happenstance I was also starting out playing disc golf so it works out perfectly - i can practice hyzer flipping, flicking, turnovers, ect with the surprisingly overstable 80g aerobie dogobie discs with both my dogs.

I do work them at least 45min to well over an hour pretty much 6 days a week with the disc or ball. Its a pain with the schedule -I'll get up at 4:30-5am to get in a good quality hour of hard exercise with both dogs- if my wife can't get them to the park in the afternoon.

The funny part is that they both treat it like a job all business in getting their ball/disc workout in quick for the first 30min then they'll take a quick break to run around and chase birds/other dogs/wrestle or swim in the gross marina overflow lake. Then back to catching for another 20-30min until they know its time to get home.
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A shot of my puppy's mom, my parents' golden retriever. She is technically my dog too, but I was forced to leave her behind when I moved out. This one is a phenomenal underwater swimmer and if you throw a rock into a body of water, she will retrieve the exact rock. Uncanny.
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Originally Posted by Monocacy View Post
Vizlas are very cool dogs. If I get a purebred, that's my next dog. The only thing I have heard against Vizlas is that they are not big fans of the cold. And, like any other dog worthy of the name, they will drive you nuts for the first couple of years.
This is pretty accurate. They're Hungarian by origin so they can handle the cold (with a coat) to a point, but that shouldn't be an issue in Bama.

They're goofy and playful but super loyal, quiet, and sickeningly sweet! They are generally pretty healthy to boot. My sister has/had two females and a mixed male, and they've all been wonderful dogs. Fast too...
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