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Old 04-21-2013, 02:06 PM
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Six Diamonds? Indeed...

Originally Posted by Bultx1215 View Post
Yeah, really. I carry two, but have never seen six. I have also never seen a Diamond above 159 either. Low 160's would be killer I bet.
Yep, the 159g+ Diamonds are working very well for me! Just enough stability for my ~250 ft. "stand and deliver" driving style.

The 163g Red OPTO (stickered 153g... ) is beefy and domey. Same PLH as a DX Tee-Bird but even more dome. The 161g Yellow OPTO Sparkle is a dead nuts clone of a 160g Star Sidewinder; so I gifted my Sidewinder and went Euro!

I'm finding the Red OPTO Diamonds typically have a PLH 1mm or more higher than the Yellow OPTO and more dome to boot. The RGL seems to follow the PLH scheme (Red > Yellow) with similar dome and maybe 1 tick less HSS.

Oh, and I typically carry my Nutsac for *most* outings. 2-3 Diamonds for the course conditions at hand with the rest at home in the basement disc annex...
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I have just finished my Lat bag.
Keeping it simple.

Gold Saint "R"
Gold River
Opto River
Gold Fuse
Gold Mace
Gold Pain
BT Swan
Mercy (Strawberry)

Looking for a "R" Gold Pure under 170g.
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Old 04-22-2013, 02:28 PM
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Gl Giant
Opto Giant
Gl sword
Opto flow

Opto Saint
Gl saint

Mace zero
Mace gl
Gl fuse

Opto pure

Judge classic
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Opto Villain
GL Villain
Bio Trespass
Bio Renegade

Bio Escape
VIP Stag
TP Stag
Opto River
GL River

Zero Mace cycle

Classic Judge cycle

Wouldn't be too hard to do. I already have almost the same driver line-up.
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Old 04-22-2013, 04:08 PM
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heaviest River I can find


Mercy for putting
Spike for approaching

I would have a very minimalistic bag because while I really liked the discs I mentioned above, the rest never truly worked for me. Most Latitude and Westside discs are too nose sensitive, especially in the wide rim drivers. I would like find myself throwing the Sword, River, and Pain the most with the other discs listed used sparingly in unique situations. I would be tempted to see if I could sneak in a Saint, Halo, or Striker, but at this point I think I would be seeing too much overlap. Also, if the Mace comes out acting much like a Roc, I could see myself dropping the Pain and Warship and using the XXX for more than just thumber shots.
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Old 04-22-2013, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by -- Villain -- View Post
If you were to build a bag filled with all that Swedish/Finnish magic what would you carry?, multiples are ok and limit it to a realistic bag...








Goldline Pure
Soft Judge


I throw alot of these only a couple differences from my bag right now.



(villian i am learning is a great bh disc, once broken in very predictable and easy to throw)


underworld-several people have mentioned vision, i threw visions for a few years and i honestly think the underworld is drastically better disc. For me its much less squirrely, very predictable anny disc. Rim feels alot better to me also.
(volt i throw,,,not lat/westside or dd but worth mentioning) great disc and a tad more stable than the river.

mids: i have 4 that i throw.


for me gotta include the fuse in a best Lat bag. It fills a specific roll but nothing is better. I throw a light GL fuse, only used for anny/turnover shots.


judge (soft)

those are my exact putters that i use and recently made the switch to the judge. I use Pures for short mid needs approx 60-150ft and putt with judge classic soft. Great disc, rim is small sleek feeling, beaded putter which i like.
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Old 04-24-2013, 10:13 PM
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Star Katana 172g (90% of throws over 400'/ MAX D)
GL Villain 171g (overstable max d)
GL Bolt 168g (Flippy max D)
Opto Halo 170g (Claims to be overstable but holds an anny line, S pattern driver)
Opto Blitz 172g (same as halo)
Opto Riot 172g (good straight flyer)

Opto Striker 173g (stable driver)
Opto Trident 173g (utility workhorse, pin point drives)
GL Vision 168g (was lead to believe was roadrunner like... lies, straight/slight turn overs)

Opto Fuse 171g (great flippy mid)
Esp Zone 174g (best driving putter ever. Such a BEAST!!)
Champ FR Roc3 180g (most drives under 275')
Z Buzz 180g (for shots I dont wanna lose my Roc3 on i.e. water hazards)
Glow Nuetron Ion 173 (straight to flippy short drives only)

Yeti Pro Aviar 175g (I LOOOOOOOVED 3X's but the 4X's are a more overstable)

Last edited by AceWraith; 04-24-2013 at 10:15 PM.
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Old 04-25-2013, 03:28 AM
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Fuzion Trespass
Tournament Giant
Fuzion Trespass (worn)
Fuzion Trespass (beat) only if it is flippy but still fades out. I haven't beat one up that far yet. Working on it.

Biofuzion Escape (new)
Biofuzion Escape (worn)
GL River (worn)
Recycled River (new)
Opto XXX (new)
GL XXX (worn)

no thanks lolol jk
Opto Trident
Fuzion Suspect
Idk what else, the others I don't like.
Firm Mace to try.

Soft Judge
Fuzion Judge
Firm Judge/Mercy/Swan/Pure for putting
Firm Judge/Mercy/Swan/Pure for putting

idk which putter I'd want to use, probably a judge.
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