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Originally Posted by DiscChainBasket18 View Post
When the top player in disc golf basically says he "doesn't care" about disc golf that is a story!!
Yep. The 'story' makes disc golf look like a pretty shallow 'sport' when the current champ can dominate 99% of his competition while not making it the sole focus of his entire waking life.
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Dear Diary,

Today I gave myself a faux-hawk, then I focused it's power to dominate the unwashed masses at the tournament. It was neat. TTYS

All my love,

Paul M.
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that was beautiful man
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Originally Posted by ZAMson View Post
that was beautiful man
*pushes you off the monkey bars*
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I feel bad now, I probably should have called it his journal.
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Originally Posted by DiscgolfStu View Post
It seems that there's a prevailing thought that you can't have a more dynamic pro circuit without compromising the much loved and laid back recreational component. I don't see this to be true. I play men's hardball and men's softball. At one of those I take it very seriously and the other I drink and smoke a lot of cigarettes. Both groups exist without hurting the other. Don't see what the big issue is. No one is asking people to fundamentally change.
WOW!!! best DGCR avatar and handle I've seen so far. Well done, discgolfstu
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Dear Diary,

I flew over to Europe and dryhumped the field once again, setting a course record with a rollaway. I had my faux hawk mane extra spikey to show the Finnish people beast mode in real life on Sunday.

Paul M
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maybe he is considering taking a break and joining the military....'merica!


what if he knows something we don't and there is about to be WWIII and he is going to get drafted that secretly the govt has been creating special discs out in Area 51 that he will throw at the enemy as weapons of mass DISCtruction! pew pew pew
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