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I threw my 170 champ cheetah today. Loved it. May not fly true to its ratings, but the mold wasn't meant to be run in champ plastic. I found mine to have plenty of glide. I threw 350 into and against the wind. Real pretty, slow flight that lasted forever.
I will continue to throw mine.
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I'm guessing this will be one of those discs you hate to lose when in breaks in
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It seems a bit unfair to compare an out of the box Champion Disc to SE/Circle Stamp type of plastic from 10+ years ago. Give these about 3-400 throws and then I think we can make an accurate comparison "by the numbers".

I'm trying to remember how my Circle stamp Cheetah flew OOB but that was '98 or so
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i am hoping for a good run of glow gazelles or a champ gazelle in the jolly rancher plastic would be nice.....any of the gazelle stamps would be sweet
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So, given the hullabaloo about champ plastic with circle stamps, is a circle stamp DX cheetah particularly wonderful?

I just chuck 'em and hope I don't break 'em; collecting cool discs isn't very motivating if I can't haul off and throw 'em.

I pulled a no-name circle stamp cheetah out of the local stank pond, and it looks pretty nice. Any insight is appreciated.

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So I just got one of these yesterday, and although I've never thrown a KC Pro or DX cheetah, I have to say I love this disc so far. Flipped up when thrown with slight hyzer and had plenty of glide in my opinion. I can't wait to beat it in some more.
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I've been thinking about getting one of the champion ones.

My 9x still has a lot of life in it though. I love Cheetahs, but the star doesn't really interest me.
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Has anyone thrown these and the Gazelles?
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