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Default Form critique

Hey guys. Stopped by a park and finally filmed a few throws and could use some advice. I can already see I'm going way faster through the throw than I realized, and my left arm doesn't look ideal among other things. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

All of these throws were flat, straight, and low to the ground with the blue judge going somewhere in the 250-260 range and fading straight. The red emac truth somewhere around 270-280 with a slight fade at the end but also mainly low and straight. Estimates based on google maps.
Judge 1:

Judge 2:

Emac Truth 1:

Emac Truth 2:

Emac Truth 3:

I'll get some footage of throwing drivers sometime soon and post a new thread but for now this is all I have. Thanks!
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I see your limiting factors as improper weightshift, reachback, and you are rounding a little. Need to get that elbow forward through the hit

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Your weight is late - coming through after your swing, you need to wait for your weight to shift forward, then swing. You also turn yourself too backward in the x-step and extend your rear knee flat footed from heel trying to push yourself forward, instead of leveraging forward from your instep.

See how your heels are opposite of McBeth and Schusterick below and you have already started swinging your arm forward well before your front heel lands(weight forward) and your rear heel is still on the ground(weight back).

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