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I prefer beaded putters for driving & putting. I carry four putters in my bag & they're all KC Aviars. I carry to two putters for driving, one (New) KC Aviar & one (Beat) KC Aviar. I have one KC Aviar exclusively for putting & another one as my backup/pre-round practice putter. I like to cycle discs (Rocs, Destroyers & Teebirds) so it made perfect sense that I cycle my driving putters also. I prefer beaded driving putters because of how they feel in my hands (I have large hands). I like the KC Aviar for putting because of the consistent fade it has on longer putts. I find that (beaded) KC Aviars have a more consistent flight & hold the line better than (beadless) Aviars P&A's in the wind. This is because of the more over stable flight of the BB Aviars. When I started disc golfing I used a DX Aviar P&A. I tried a lot of different molds but I always came back to the Aviar P&A. I was a "spin putter" for many years until last summer when I switched to "push putting". Since becoming a "push putter" my putting has improved drastically & I've shaved quite a few strokes off my scores. I buy into Feldbergs putting philosophy & I've based my putting style off of his. I believe that harder/stiffer putters come out of the hand cleaner & more consistently than soft/flexible putters. I also believe that beaded putters come out of the hand cleaner & more consistently than beadless. The bead of the disc fits in between the first joint of my index finger which allows a consistent grip & release every putt. I found that when using beadless putters my index finger was never consistently in the same position. This may not seem like a big deal but every bit of consistency helps, especially when it comes to putting. I putt with a KC Aviar for the reasons I listed above & because they're easy to acquire. I prefer baseline plastic putters over premium plastic putters for putting. Premium plastic putters tend to be slick & spit out of the chains more than baseline plastic. When it comes to driving putters the plastic choice depends more on personal preference & bag building philosophy than anything. With driving putters it really depends on your bag building philosophies. If you like to cycle one putter mold baseline plastic will most likely be your best option. If you like to use different molds to cover your driving putter slots, premium plastic is most likely a better option so your discs keep the same flight characteristics as long as possible. I recommend getting a max weight putting putter because they're less effected by the wind. Just find a putter that feels good in your hand & stick with it. It's good to pick a putter mold & plastic that's in current production. If your putter gets to beat up or you lose it, it's nice to be able to easily get a new one to replace it. I'd also recommend putting with the same putter for all situations & wind conditions. This allows you to learn how your putter acts in various conditions & it helps keep everything consistent. If you have to switch putters because of wind & such you really don't trust yourself or the disc. Also if you like to drive with putters make sure to have a putter dedicated just for putting. There's nothing worse than losing or cracking your putting putter because you drove with it. Driving with your putting putter also beats it up faster than just using it for putting, which affects how it flies on putts, especially when putting outside of the circle. There is no magic putter, just the one you've used so much you know how it will act in every condition.

My Putter Setup
(New) KC Pro Aviar (175) - Moderately over stable driving putter, windy upshots, sidearm approaches
(Beat) KC Pro Aviar (175) - Stable driving putter, upshots, anhyzers, gentle hyzers
KC Pro Aviar (175) - Putting putter
KC Pro Aviar (175) - Backup putting putter, pre-round warm up putting

Heres a link to a Youtube video in which Feldberg talks about putting styles, his putting philosophy, beaded/beadless discs & much more
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