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Originally Posted by Jukeshoe View Post
More from an aesthetic standpoint than design, but you could attempt to identify unique/interesting trees (i.e., a monster oak or oddly-shaped pine) that could become visual (if not necessarily design) focal points. Even if one out of three "flat wooded holes" have some interesting tree, or flowering bush off the side of the fairway, it'll create visual interest and act as cues for people to remember the course. "Remember that gigantic gnarled tree in the middle of the fairway?"

From a design standpoint you can always create dual-fairway holes that offer a high risk/reward "cheater route" as well as a safer, longer, harder-to-birdie "bailout" route.

We've used these methods with some good success on a course in MI where we had to totally cut out fairways from thick forest. I'm sure John will be able offer some other methods, but those are two that are fairly simple to implement.
^^^Right on Juke!
I'm implementing some of this on my course. I have a bunch of those larger-type or unique trees in the woods that just stand out above the rest. My biggest challenge is finding ways where they can be incorporated into the design AND still survive regular play. Minimizing damage from potential disc hits and compaction of the soil around the tree and it's roots are my biggest concerns. It can be done!

Another thing you could do (if possible) is to have the course going in and out of the woods. Example, hole 1 plays into/through the woods, while hole 2 plays out of the woods to a basket in the open. Hole 3 tees off in the open and goes back through the woods to a basket near a slope, etc.

Holes 20-24 (Blue tees) at Mill Creek are 5 consecutive longer wooded holes that are tough. Large trees, rolling terrain and a small stream break it up and give each hole it's own character. There are still a few smaller and dead trees that need to be cut to make better "Fair"ways but it's more of a wait and see for which will stay and which will go.

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Those first two pics are great examples! Thanks for taking the time to post 'em!
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