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Originally Posted by CaptainAnhyzer View Post
Do me a favor and never come to play in Upstate NY. Thanks.
Too late...
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Originally Posted by tom12003 View Post
Had a similar situation; the soccer moms/dads parked a brand new RangeRover literally 10 inches from our basket on #18. My drive was about 70 ft short and I debated what to do. There was a cop nearby (he said he couldn't ticket the bloke as it wasn't his jurisdiction, it was the park rangers) but I asked him if I was liable if I hit the RangeRover; he said no as it was illegally parked. So I went back and was going to run the heck at the SUV. I unleashed a shot, that would have gone 100 ft past the basket, right at the door. Alas, i missed and found nothing but chains. A dent in that SUV's door would have felt better than the deuce!
Why do you have to be a prick about it? Things like this get courses pulled. I ran into a similar situation my self where there was a parked car about 30ft in front of a teebox on a 300 ft hole. There was an athletic game very close by taking place so I went over to the small crowd and asked if that was anyone's vehicle. The person stood up and I quickly, and politely explained this:

"Hey man just to let you know. Where you car is parked is on a disc golf course, it's like golfing with frisbees except our discs are made a bit different and they can cause some serious damage to vehicles if they were to hit your car. Technically the person throwing the disc wouldn't be liable either because of where your parked. I'm not gonna throw until you move your car and thats why I came over here but not everyone is going to do what I'm doing and waiting. Just giving you a heads up!"

The guy thanked me, moved his car, and told me he would let the team know after the game so they don't park there in the future. People don't know about our little niche sport and unless someone explains it to them they never will.
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Apparently, chivalry is not dead in upstate NY.
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Darn you were hoping to hit a van and got a deuce instead? You must be really upset.
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