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I don't hold it up high...but I do take a few seconds visualizing and finding my focal point, as well as going through my checklist.
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Originally Posted by Romans 5-8 View Post
I'm sitting there thinking, wouldn't it be more helpful to go through the motion of your throw, to get your x-step dialed in a bit, practice weight transfer or something, rather than pointing and then rapidly shanking.
pretty much my own thoughts as well.

Originally Posted by Romans 5-8 View Post
By the way, did you just come up with this name "pre-throw stiffarming"?
Heh, yeah i wasn't trying to be funny with it, just brief and descriptive.
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Originally Posted by jrawk View Post
Heh, yeah i wasn't trying to be funny with it, just brief and descriptive.
Well, it is funny. I typed my brief two cents on it and went back to the forum and saw the title and just laughed out loud. Pre-throw stiff-arming? Could you imagine watching a video with commentary and they say,

"Well, so and so steps up to the tee and does his ritualistic pre-throw stiffarm, look, you see there, if you pay attention, you can really see the determination and mental awareness building up within his being. That is phenomenal folks, do not try this at home, these are paid professionals."

I really don't know why it makes me laugh....but it does. Now when my buddies do it, or I see someone doing at a tournament, I'm gonna think, oh brother, is he really prethrow stiffarming again.
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I do it also. It is the only way I can seem to get the nose angle right. Like CrowLegs said I can focus on my hand/wrist position before the throw and hopefully keep it through the throwing motion. I noticed that if I hold my hand up in a normal relaxed position the nose angle is always up. By holding the disc in front of my line of sight I am able to adjust my grip or wrist angle to flatten out the flight plate. It has seemed to work for me. It is also helpful for me when setting up an anhyzer.
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I don't do it for very long, but I like to get the nose and disc angle in my head, it's not about aiming.
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Originally Posted by CrowLegs View Post
I do this mostly to get the nose angle and (an)hyzer set up. For whatever reason, my hand "remembers" the setup when I throw (most of the time, errr, sometimes).
Yep. I trace the release angle (move my shoulder along the plane a bit) and get the nose angle as best as I can. When I do this I'm much more accurate on my throw, and if not I'm immediately aware that I done f'd up. "That didn't feel right..."

I get the release angle, nose angle, and standing on the edge of the pad I get my LINE. I then back up along the line. Then I know if I need to move down the pad or across the pad on an angle.
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Agreed, it is for the visualization of the disc in flight. I do it more as a concentration routine than anything else.
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i'll never understand holding the disc directly in front of me. it breaks my concentration, if anything. i want my shoulder loose, not tense and not focusing on a specific point in the air. the closest i get is on my straddle putt when i swing my my arm up to get a feel for how much power i need.

i do sometimes take a practice swing. sometimes i'll stand to the side in a stance that naturally occurs during my shot and then hold it up. on a practice swing it's not one of the super slow ones; just a relaxed practice swing so i can feel my body and disc line up where they need to be. usually i just step up and throw.
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I do it too, maybe not for ten seconds though. I do it to visualize the flight, if I can see it, I have a better chance of throwing it, same as the pre putt routine. I never think about my footwork, never have, but I can place my toe on a dime with a five step run up. I also take a slow practice swing while playing ball golf and "watch the ball fly". If you can see it, you can throw it (80% of the time anyway)
I would also like to vote for the official title

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I see lots of players do this as well and have others have said its really just part of a routine, which is one of the main things disc golfers are encouraged to do to improve consistency, no? We all have our weird little quirks in every little aspect of the game whether it be the way we line up a drive or putt, place a mini, keep our bag organized, etc. Watch yourself play a round and i bet you will get the proof!
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