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Short: PD
Long: Star Tern
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I throw a katana at it on a huge flex shot... Give the guy collecting bottles my empties, then yell at the drunk underagers to not get to close to my disc or i'll break their hand. sketchiest course ever after 12pm.
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Short - 11x Champion Teebird RHBH
Long - (Beat) Star Destroyer RHBH
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Both tees are either the GL Bolt or D4...then approach with the Ion or Roc depending on wind.
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Short : Icon Bandit
Long : Icon Mongoose on the hyzer flip .. then prob Patriot in from there
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PD from both
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If it's calm, I'll work a Roadrunner out there so I'm approaching from the right side of the fairway with a Roc. I'll throw a PPD into some wind, or SPD into heavy wind. I still wanna stay more or less straight.

I can't remember what I threw the one time I played here, but I faded out early and it was not a good hole for me.
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Short - T Bird
Long - UnLace, then T Bird
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FH SPD from the longs. Approach from there and hope for a 4.

E star TB from the shorts. Hopefully it's close.
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SPD from either tee.
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