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Something that I just found out after 2.5 years of playing. I should be gripping at 12 oclock when the disc is at my chest backhand.... I have been gripping at 3 oclock forever. This has totally changed the amount of spin that I can put on the disc and now I can throw more stable discs than before. I expect a huge increase in distance over the next month between that grip, slowing my approach, and raising my throw from my navel up to my nips.
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Originally Posted by Kodachrome View Post
i'm not super tall, i'm 6'2", but this is part of why i started doing a small "hop" 90% of the time instead of a run-up. if the tee is level with the ground, it's just a bonus to me if i really need it. we don't have a lot of huge teepads around here.
Ya, I was pretty much forced to slow down my runup and go from 4 steps to 3. That in turn helped improve my form, so it worked out pretty well. However, at 6'3", even a slow 3 step runup still pushes my limits on some teepads.
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Just got back on the course recently after a very slow winter (mostly due to snow and cold weather). Anyway...probably have about 5 rounds under my belt and was practicing at a short 12 hole course near my home the other day when I think it clicked.

It was kind of serendipitous in that I was simply working on shortening up a little on my reach-back for my 100-150 ft shot when I just let one rip...laser beam! I decided to use that same technique on the next tee and again...laser-beam long and straight. Over the next couple holes I found that i was able to get a lot more distance and control by simply keeping the swing thought of "shortening up". It was like I was a completely different player.

It is driving me crazy though because this was on Monday and I haven't touched a disc since. I think I will be able to replicate this again, but I'm afraid i'm going to lose it before I play again on Friday.

I've only been playing for about 1.5 years and i've had other breakthroughs that I thought would change everything only to have them come and go. I hope this is really it. Will report back after my next round.
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I finally had my "it clicked" moment today after endless field work. My buddy suggested slowing down my footwork and really just focusing on arm speed/hip &torso rotation. I have never seen a disc come out of my hand so fast out of hand it took me by surprise. After two holes I was able to dial it in with my accuracy and am so happy! Can't wait to get another round in tomorrow!
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Yeah, it can be super frustrating. I finally had my "aha" moment again last night doing field work. Even after you "get it" sometimes you fall off, especially after the winter. the big moment for me was simply starting with my hips closed. It almost feels like I'm pointing my right hip slightly left of target so my follow through would release the disc straight at it, getting a proper rip.
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Glad to see this thread is still kicking around and that others are finding and sharing their breakthroughs as well! I've had a couple setbacks but have been able to pull myself through them, it gets easier every time.

I had a private lesson with JohnE McCray last week and it was amazing...great guy and great teacher as well...gave me a lot of tips as well as some really useful practice drills. I played like total cr@p during our round because I was trying to take everything in, but since then I've been able to incorporate a lot of the ideas and form changes and really bumped up my driving consistency and accuracy. Distance is still maxing at about 430' but I'm confident that I should meet my 450' goal this summer.

Highly recommended if you get the chance!
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Could you share some of the practice drills and tips that JohnE showed you?

Thanks in advance!
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I too have had some set backs but I went to a Deep in the Game clinic with Avery Jenkins and Simon Lizotte. It lasted almost 4 hours and was fantastic. A lot of instruction and hands on teaching with both of them. I found a couple of huge flaws in my form that I'm fixing now.

I'm getting much, much more consistent distance 320-330 and am still maxing out at 370 but I can feel of lot more things and can see what I need to practice and get the timing right on to get more distance.

Pulling my off hand in close to my body instead of letting it hang out to slow me down.
Throwing fast and quick, not hard. (this x1000000000)
Keeping my disc on the line and my follow through on the line.
Being more face up on release.
Setting a release point and trying to hit it.
Weight forward.
One smooth motion.
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Originally Posted by bfowler View Post
I too have had some set backs but I went to a Deep in the Game clinic with Avery Jenkins and Simon Lizotte.
I would totally go to a sidewinder22 clinic.
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Originally Posted by bfowler View Post
Pulling my off hand in close to my body instead of letting it hang out to slow me down.
I've asked about what to do with the off hand and most folks said they didn't even think about it. But it totally makes sense - ice skaters bring their arms in to spin faster. And for the engineers out there - it reduces the moment of inertia.

Can you further explain :
Originally Posted by bfowler View Post
Being more face up on release.
Setting a release point and trying to hit it.
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