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flick a saint dead nuts straight
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Escape or Truth. Depends on which of the 30 options are available here...
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Tursas hyzerflip to start... Yeti/Buzz from there
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Home course!
This hole plays a little more down hill than it looks like in the picture. I've aced it a few times with one of my DX Rocs.

Blue Tee
Red Pin 250' - (Beat) KC Aviar RHBH Slight Anny
White Pin 345' - (Beat) DX Roc RHBH Flat & Straight
Yellow Pin 383' - (Beat) KC Roc RHBH Slight Turnover
Blue Pin 436' - CE Leopard RHBH Slight Turnover

White Tee
Red Pin 180' - (Beat) KC Aviar Slight Anny
White Pin 275' - (Beat) KC Aviar Flat & Straight
Yellow Pin 313' - (Beat) KC Aviar Flat & Straight
Blue Pin 368' - (Beat) DX Roc Flat & Straight

Originally Posted by tbird888 View Post
White: TeeBird thumber
Yellow: TeeBird thumber
Sorry tbird overhand doesn't work well on this hole at all. I've tried it quite a few times & its never turned out good. Theres a lot braches above both tee pads. If you manage to get a overhand shot off without hitting a branch all the overhang down by the the three longest pin positions is thick. For the red pin position you could try a right handed thumber scoop (like an upside down sidearm with the disc parallel to the ground) but even that is tricky. Your best bet is a backhand or sidearm shot.

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buzzz or wraith
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Beat Small Bead Aviar for the shorts.

Beat Glo Roc for the less short.

Star Leopard for the middles.

Star Roadrunner for the longest.
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Either Wizard, Roc, or Teebird for all Tees/Pin Positions.
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Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
Probably a Tangent on the shorts, and Amp on the longs.
This would work for me.
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the ones around 250 - comet or straight roc
over - leopard. Add wizards as needed.
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