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Come to think of it, I thought Newbies could only start new threads in the Newbie Forum...
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no only they CAN-- we cant lol.. they still get to post new threads anywhere tho
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Originally Posted by eegor View Post

Experiment and have fun.
if the wind is really blowing hard, i will empty my bag on 2 or 3 of the more open Tees
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Stop bickering, that's what gives DGCR a bad name. One person says something, the other can't let it slide, they go back and forth till the thread is ruined.

It's all pretty much experimentation on what'll work.

For tailwind, throw a slower disc than you usually do. For a headwind, throw a faster disc than you usually do. As far as the cross-winds go I usually go Overstable for left to right, so it'll fight the wind better. On a strong right to left I'll throw something understable or stable, and hyzer-flip it so the wind catches underneath the disc and carries it.

On windy days I'll also shoot for a tailwind putt. If there's a strong tailwind, I'll throw softer than normal so if I don't get right up on it, I'll end short and have a tailwind putt which to me are much easier. If there's a strong headwind, I'll disc up with an overstable disc and shoot to end up behind the basket, giving me a tailwind putt. Positioning yourself for the wind you want on the putt is pretty critical on windy days. If it's a 20-30 MPH wind, I'd rather be 20 foot with a tailwind, then 15 foot with a headwind.
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Oh the irony.
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Ive just read through all the links posted in this post about wind as well as a few I found on my own(thanks for taking the time to do that btw.). Is there a difference between just using an os disc that's faster that you'd normally throw (like a noodle arm throwing a destroyer)vs throwing an actual wind disc(I.e. firebird) into a headwind greater that 15 mph.

When someone asks what disk to throw into a strong headwind wouldn't the answer be relative to how far they throw? And for the record we are talking about very strong headwind throws only. The same disc would be a meathookmfor them in any other condition.
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Come to KS and check out our wind, it is always a factor. And I'll say this, there are times when I would normally throw a buzz that I have to unleash the boss or havoc just to get it to the basket. You really just need to get out there and figure out what works in your bag
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Originally Posted by markmcc View Post
I am curious about this crosswind advice. I've often been advised to not expose the bottom of a disc to the wind, and found that to be good advice in really windy conditions. While I have seen the wind force a disc to the ground when the top is exposed, I've seen it get under a disc and blow it a long, long way when the bottom of the disc was exposed to high wind.

So my practice has been to choose more overstable discs in a left-to-right wind and the opposite in right-to-left winds. Thoughts?
This is why throwing in crosswinds are tricky. Experimenting with throwing flat with the right disc for the wind direction takes a lot of practice. A lot of it depends on how tight the fairways are. I was advising for distance.

As soon as an overstable disc turns toward the wind from the left, it's going down. If being in the fairway for sure is the point, this would be the best option. If your in the open, you want more distance. I honed my windy day driving playing in west Texas, where a calm day and trees are rare. There was a lot of blown away discs before I became accustomed to the correct release angles to keep the disc in the desired general direction with a lot more distance. My longest drives come with left to right crosswinds using Diamonds, Underworlds, Roadrunners and Katanas or Bolts (depending on whether the wind is coming from about 8 o'clock or 10 o'clock, etc.). Riding the wind is difficult to learn, but when you get it down you can get your best distance.

If any of the guys from Comanche Trail DGC in Odessa, TX are reading this, thanks for your friendship, patience and guidance. I miss you guys.
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played smithville lake / blackthorn today. just north of kansas city )
hole 12, 645 ft, slight uphill and into a 30 - 35 mph headwind.
normally i get this hole w/ a short to mid putt for 3.
today i threw 3 full drives w/ a 173 tresspass ... the 3rd shot actually faded backwards 20 feet to leave me 5 foot behind the basket.
i'm not the most experienced player here...by far.... but heavy disc, low fast..
and more often than normal is the only way i see it.

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Originally Posted by Aim For The Chains View Post
Oh the irony.
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