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A: RHFH Rhyno
B: RHBH Mako3
C: Thumber Firechicken over top? Probably a bad decision, but sounds fun to try
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Comet for what's shown, or maybe a CFD low line to the right of the tree.
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Originally Posted by notroman View Post
Looks that "Approach" picture is just a shot looking back towards the tee. The basket in the photos seems to be in the B placement, and in that last picture looking back the weird thing on the left sticking out of the ground might be where the C placement is usually. At least it all makes sense when looking at the map.


A: Wizard
B: Roc
C: Eagle
I thought it seemed like "basket to tee" with pin in position "A" ...but wasn't sure. If so, I wonder if that pipe is placement "B"?
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flick my banger gt. if i miss the ace im sure it will be parked and ill tap it in
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A- 170 F Ridge, Challenger to tap in
B- 179 Flattop Kc Roc, Chally chained
C-Valkyrie or Teebird depending on how I'm throwing that day, Hopefully have a circle putt with the FLX Challenger.
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short - LHBH Ridge
med - LHBH Buzzz
long - LHBH hyzer fliped Leopard
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soft focus

z buzzz ss

esp xl
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Originally Posted by sisyphus View Post
It's 4/1, so why not:
A: 10M Brick
B: Pluto Platter
C: Frisbie's Pies tin
I was thinking the same thing, Sir.
A: Chinet
B: Paint can lid
C: Circular saw blade
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groove LHFH
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