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Lot of DX Leopards and Beasts at our Wal-Mart. You'd think those would sell better than Polecats and Archangels.

At the local Hastings store, pretty much everything is a peg warmer. I'd assume their prices have something to do with that.
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Originally Posted by FlightMedic View Post
I noticed this at the Fort Smith store they have a ton of them. Where in Arkansas are you?
The Walmart in McAlester has Innova DX for $8 and Pro for $12.
That is cool to find out. I have never seen discs in any WalMart stores before. I am in Central AR and have looked for discs at WM in AR, TX, MS, AL, and FL without success. So what discs never seem to leave the shelf where you live?
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Stopped by the store yesterday to see what was new -- Boss's still chillin', got more Blizzard plastic in, and a new stock of Omega Soft Putters, those things seem to fly off the shelf pretty quickly.
A recent restock of Birdies, Challengers, and Omegas makes me interested to see what moves fastest. I am amazed how quickly the 12X Rocs disappeared. They got some of the 2X McBeast Roc3's; I bet those will go quickly too.
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prodigy does not seem to be selling, starfires and pearly x out beasts

also those maximum discs or whatever that cheap terrible crayon plastic is. not even worth looking up the name, no one ever buys those. ever...
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I don't visit enough to see what's stagnant (it's dangerous for my wallet!). I do know that they have had the same selection of C-PD's for over a year, but S- and P-PDs cycle out. As well as the same handful of max weight green and yellow C-FDs.

There was a short lived store in East Lansing and he couldn't move ANY MVP.
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Grooves. Don't know why! ;-)
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Local PIAS keeps an insane amount of inventory, so I monitor it pretty closely haha.
I mostly look through the used stuff for old gems.
It has reached the point where there are so many grooves and monarchs, I have suggested the manager just throw 90% of them away. In fact, I was so tired of digging through them all one day, I went through the entire used racks, and pulled out every Groove & Monarch. I organized them all together, and it literally filled 3 entire discs racks lol. Safe to say the value of a champ groove is abt $3-$4 cause thats what PIAS will give for them haha.

As far as new stuff goes, The Prodigy stuff is looking pretty dusty, and I dont think they have restocked in a long time. It may have, honestly, run its course. The hype/fad has subsided, and everyone is beginning to realize their molds are just "Meh". Great feeling plastic, but that doesnt make the discs fly better.

MVP moves out fast, so does the Dynamic Discs stuff. Discraft moves very slow.
Interestingly enough the Dynamic stuff goes crazy fast, followed by Lat64, then Westside. Its only certain molds from Lat64 and Westside that go, the rest just sits.

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Disc Mania
Pro-D Hawks
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Starfires in any plastic and DX beasts seem to be everywhere around here and I never see anyone throw them. Also tons of Buzzz but that may just be the stores overstocking good sellers.
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Originally Posted by Mulligan McGee View Post
Originally Posted by elmexdela View Post
Originally Posted by Moose33 View Post
I keep trying to like the Starfire because ever store that carries Innova has a bunch in stock. Also, almost every person who has a box of used discs in their trunk has as least one. That's a disc that you know you could replace anywhere anytime.
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