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Ever find discs in thrift stores?

Whenever I rummage through a Salvation Army or Goodwill, I keep my eyes peeled for any discs that might end up there. So far, I've never found one.

Anyone get lucky?
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My luck, if I did, they would be overpriced
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Originally Posted by jedeye View Post
My luck, if I did, they would be overpriced
Haha yep the only disc I've ever found in one was a beat DX Valk for $8
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I've thought about this before. Too bad disc golf isn't a rich man's game. Also, once people start playing disc golf, they don't usually quit. That means they will hold onto their equipment forever.
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I have looked at both yard sales and thrift stores. I did find some dx stuff at a yard sale, but I was told they were not for sale.
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i have found a few at goodwill, always $2-$3
dx starter leftovers (150g)
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I have a neighbor that gave away a bunch of dx discs to Goodwill a few years back that he had in college in the 90s. He said he would have given them to me but did not realize I played. The only discs names he remembered were Raven (one of the most underrated discs ever I think), XD and Pegasus. The funniest thing he said was he thought that the some of the others were named after constellations and jungle cats. The champion plastic that I showed him really intrigued him which was pretty funny.
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I've searched a lot of thrift stores to no avail...although I did find a pretty cool bobblehead for $1 a month ago.
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I told my sis-in-law to keep an eye when she goes to the flea markets. No luck yet.
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It's my dream every time I walk into one!!

To no avail..
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