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Default Three putt

How often do you three putt?
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Almost daily. I'm not proud of it.
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hmmm... I thought for sure when I seen this thread there was gonna be some moderator bashing going on in here lol

My nickname should be 3 putt. Its one of the main reasons I still play rec my putting is atrocious.
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Rarely. Unless there is a hill involved.
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Did it today.
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i four putted a tunnel hole. one shot almost there, didnt hit anything. approach landed 15 feet within the pin. wind was blowing. hit basket twice and had two huge roll aways. took a 6 and typically get a 3 on it, sometimes a two, never really a 4. it was truly a sight to behold...

other than that, barely ever unless there is some wind or a hill jockin me like a fool
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Twice today, but on the positive side its not usually more than twice a round anymore.
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Since I switched to push putting a few months ago...almost never. Before when I was a spin putter....occasionally.
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not that often.. mainly only on downhill putts. I tend to run everything but generally don't go for then 15 feet past. The downhill putts + rolls is where it gets me. On my home course there is only really about 2 holes this can happen though.
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Once every 4ish rounds?
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