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Default Most Courses Played in a state you haven't lived

I've never lived in Texas (or an adjoining state, or even an adjoining state to an adjoining state), and I've played 27 courses there.

I know the high-number guys will kill that, but I'll take it.
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39 played in Illinois, almost all of those in the Chicago area.
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33 in NC, but that was while living in SC (only 27 or so there I think), currently living in TX but still don't have anywhere near that many here.
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The majority of my courses played are in my home state of Illinois (71). Oddly, the next highest number is not in any of the adjacent states. I've played 10 courses in California (the most other than IL) and only 1 in Wisconsin.
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59 in north Carolina.
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Eleven course in Charlotte North Carolina. Drove all the way from Louisiana with two friends for Spring Break. Also stopped at George Ward Park in Alabama and Steady Ed Headrick Memorial in Georgia. Fantastic Courses!
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3 in Washington.
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2 in SC and 1 in GA. Not very many outside of NC, I know.
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I have lived in SC my entire life but sometimes work for several months in other states. I have 29 courses played in NC.
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17 in North Carolina.

I'm hoping to have a number higher than that in Florida after a week long trip to the Tampa area this June though.
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