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Post HandsOn Review : Driver - Blizzard Champion Ape

Mold : Ape
Plastic : Blizzard Champion
Weight : 162g
FlightRating : 13 5 0 4

The Comment
"That's suppoesed to be a hyzer?"."Wait let me get my binoculars!"

The Disc
The Ape has a super wide rim in order to get the high speed. It very domey, and has a very high edge on the inside of the rim that provides lots of finger space. For being a Blizzard Champion disc it's rather stiff compared to other Blizzards.

The Review
My idea of having the Ape in the first place was to get a long distance driver with a straight flight and a long hard fade for hyzers. To max its distance i went with the Blizzard version. Even with the given flight rating and reduces weight in mind, all my expectations was never met. The disc were able to do hyzers, but not even close to what i'd hoped for. The disc simply didn't fill the role of what I looking for.
However, after throwing the disc a couple of times the disc started showing it's purpose. The distance this thing would do simply blew my mind. After just 5-10 shots with the disc getting to know it, I had beat my all time distance record by 20-25 feet and for the first time ever I flirted with the 400 feet mark. Even more throws were made in different wind conditions, and yet it was very reliable and forgiving for being a 13 speed disc.
I did try it for sidearm, and if you're not a strong side arm player, you will get it nice down the fairway. However, it can not handle full torque for sidearm if you looking for a natural fade.

The Why2Buy
The disc is a perfect distance driver for people in the 300-350 feet range, and i can almost guarentee increased distance on first throw. Just keep in mind that the flight ratings are decieving, and will mislead you. That being said, it has become my favorite driver overnight, and i would not go a round without it.

The Rating
Reviced Flight-rating : 13 5 -1 2
Recommended use : Pure Distance Driving
Who should buy it? : For people who struggle with drives longer than 300 feet
Should they really? : Yes, 10/10

Keep in mind the review is made based on my skill level. Read more in my profile.
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Try a regular Champion Ape - they hyzer like crazy.
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I am a big time Ape thrower, it's my main distance disc for FH and I have 4 that are Champs in between 170-175 and they are straight beef monsters. It's got buckets of hyzer.

I also have a 147 Bliz Ape and find your review to me mostly accurate but wanted to supplement a few things.

The disc is amazing for OH shots. The inherit stability of the mold keeps it from turning over too quickly and keeps it in a nice controllable pan. The lightness makes that shot just a touch easier on your shoulder though and it's my go to when I'm on my second or more round and need some OH distance.

And until you get to around 135 they keep enough stability to be good in a headwind for a moderate power thrower. I mainly throw Pro Wraiths for BH distance drives, but in a headwind I'll go with the Bliz Ape and get very similar lines and distance.

If there is a fierce tailwind and I'm trying to show off I may throw it FH on a high line and let it flex and glide out. This is how I've hit my all time max D and with this disc have gone in the neighborhood off 500ft, on flat ground.( somewhere between 475 and 510, my markings only go to 425 in the field).

Overall good disc, many people could use one, at least for something but some of the runs have a kind of low PLH and they fly almost like a light Boss or a regular Champ Katana.
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