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Most Underrated Disc Ever!

What do you think is the most underrated disc ever and why?
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Going on a limb & say DX Teebird. I KNOW there are plenty of people on here that praise its greatness, but even after I throw a well seasoned one dead straight down the fairway I have guys that chuckle when they see I threw a DX disc. I think DX in general gets a bad rap because "better" players think it's beginner plastic. Just my noob opinion!!
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I love my champ banshees... like a firebird for my noob arm!
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10 Meter Brick

a close second being the pop top gumibear nippled 100 Meter Laser
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I'm going to agree with Curveball. DX plastic is underrated, and even I don't quite appreciate it. Taking some longer drivers in DX is fantastic, especially without a lot of trees in the way. My vote goes to the DX Destroyer.

And the Groove...
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Viking, Duh.

BTW, why the F dont they make a star viking. Innova has made every disc they make in star, why not the vike?
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roc, and or the buzzz.
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Latitude Core. Feels like a Buzzz in the hand, but glides much better. Buzzz has a little more stability, but they are fairly comparable discs. Buzzz is universally loved and respected, but Core is a distant after thought to most players. Core may not be the best disc, but it is a very good straight mid.
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^^ Roc and Buzzz are two of the most highly praised discs around.
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Innova Monarch. Favorite roller disc and like it more than the Avenger SS that I used to use for long anhyzers. Another is the Ringer. Think it is the best driving, and even love putting with it also. Kicked all the wizards out of my bag which I have had since I started!
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