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I don't hate Frank at all. but I would never use his comments as a basis for forming an opinion. I just saw a lot of hype in this thread, that's all. i hate big hype because it's always a big disappointment when it doesn't live up. like movies.
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Originally Posted by Apothecary View Post
yeah youre right. i havnt seen any real progression in disc design in the 20 years ive been throwing plastic. the valk, firebird, boss, destroyer, and katanas arent REALLY note-worthy advancements.

the ion is the greatest, most controllable driving putter ive ever thrown. i try every disc that comes out. the ions stand out. they feel that good.
I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic about the first part or not...I don't think so based on the second half. All in all there have been some great discs made (especially the Valk, Firebird, and Destroyer), but nothing completely different that was also a great disc.

Originally Posted by Apothecary View Post
mine drops like a rock when putting with it. wind doesnt seem to have much effect on it, so i use it when its windy or when putting downhill.
It takes quite a bit of wrist snap (compared to the other putters I've used) to get it to glide for putting. I'm pretty sure its because all the weight is in the overmold. It took me a couple days (with warm up putting and 2+ rounds a day) to even be half used to it. Once you do get the snap on it, it'll glide straight for a long time. The biggest problem I've had is when I putt and don't at least clip the basket I'll be quite a ways away from it...I'm trying to find the balance on the power required to get it to glide the distance but not carry too far.

Originally Posted by AdamCaudle View Post
A lot of people praise it as a driving putter but I think discspeed putts with it too. Not sure about the other dudes.
I do! I love it now that I'm used to having to snap it fairly firmly.
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great spin putter
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Originally Posted by Posey Ching View Post
i'm not ruling out the ion. I'll give one a try. I'm just skeptical because of all the hype. Some people gotta have the newest thing out and they want everybody to know that they have it as if they are the "first" (see DS's comments). But revolutionary??? that's a pretty bold statement right there. would you still like it if it didn't look like candy? because appearance isn't even on the list of things I look for in a putter. but "revolutionary" from BD, that makes me wanna try one out...
Just so you know where I'm coming from, I'm a sponsored disc tester for the Clearwater Disc Golf Store. I try everything that comes out so that they can tell customers how the new discs fly because the manufacturer's descriptions are often biased or lacking. I also love discs and I've thrown about everything ever made (this helps when making comparisons). Many discs I take out and only throw a couple days and I don't even review on line because they just don't impress me as anything new or special. When I REALLY like a new disc it stays in my bag for a month or two. At that point I usually decide either that its a good disc, but doesn't really have a place in my bag, or I adopt it fully.

In the case of the Ion, I was so impressed after the first couple of weeks of throwing it that I contacted MVP and offered to represent their products. I did this because I thought the Ion was definitely revolutionary and that they could use some help getting the word out because they are a new fledgling company in a sport where a lot of people are diehard loyals to the industry's leading companies. I also pledged to putt with the Ion, which in truth I wasn't so sure about at the time because I hate switching putters and the Ion feels a lot different than the Voodoos I was using (similar mold, but the plastic is way different). Anyway, I worked out a deal with MVP and now I'm testing discs for them and giving them feedback as well as trying to get the word out to skeptics and otherwise that the Ion and MVP are for real.

That was a couple months ago, and now I'm really comfortable with the Ion as a putter. It is different from other putters because it flies more differently based on spin/height than they do. This was weird at first, but now its awesome and I use it to my advantage. I've found that it putts best with a little spin, a slight anhyzer release, and thrown just slightly high and allowing it to drop. This produces a perfectly straight, glidey putt that finishes fading forward into the center of the basket. Thrown with less spin, it drops and is great in the wind. Thrown with more spin it is also better in the wind as high spin seems to make it more stable (both HSS and LSS). If you want you can just laser line drive putts all day with the Ion and the wind isn't going to touch it unless it gets crazy. Its also a good hyzer putter.

I ran a putting contest with the Ion at our local tournament last week. I was amazed watching how the Ion seemed to work well for a myriad of different peoples' putting styles.

So, in closing this massive post, I do not hype discs for hype's sake. I'm passionate about disc flight and this sport and I get to try everything. My bag does change over time, but I don't dog on the discs I used to throw. There are a million great discs out there and everything works for somebody. I've also not had other people disappointed after buying some new discs because they don't fly like I described. I'm also honest. If a disc seems great at first but time shows weaknesses I post about them (like the Nuke's durability despite its long flight).
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The Ion revived my putting game! The first day I putted with it I wasn't sure whether or not it would stay in the bag, but after a few adjustments in my putting style, I was putting hotter and more consistently than ever before. The glide on the Ions are insane! You need just enough snap to get it going, but not so much that you feel like you are over powering the disc.

As discpeed said, it flies great with a slight anhyzer spin putt with enough height. I also swicthed from the Voodoo which I had been putting with for a little bit over a year now and can honestly say I am putting soooooooooo much better.
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Would you guys stop bumping ION threads please? Wait atleast till mine arrives in the mail.

Originally Posted by ChaseTheAce View Post
The Ion revived my putting game!
This would be sweet, if I can get the same effect. I can drive like there's no tomorrow, but can't putt for crap.
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The Ion is still a great driving putter for me. I just got a beat 173 in and combined with my new one, I have a ton of shots covered with it. I still can't use it as my main putter and have been using an awesome ridge for that slot lately. It still hasn't kicked the wizards out of the tourney bag but it is definitely the best putter I've tried since the wizard.
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Originally Posted by Frank Delicious View Post
great driving putter
Hmm. Lost my CryZ BuzzZ a few weeks ago. Maybe this can fill that gap? I have not used or added anything to fill it yet.
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Its funny to hear Discspeed say he wasnt sure about putting with it at first because the first time I took mine out, I LOVED driving with it, but it felt kind of awkward putting compared to my Wizards. So, after a couple rounds I put the ION away and just stuck to my Wizards for driving and putting.

Well; I was practicing with my ION in my practice basket, as thats where it got stored with the other putters Im not using at the time and I really started to get used to it, but still didnt think to put it back in the bag until I got a couple more rounds in and didnt have it with me. I really missed it after just a couple rounds driving it. It just has such a nice feel and locks onto lines as good if not better than my Core does with very little or almost no left fade.

Love the disc.
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For those wondering about putting with an Ion.

I putt with mine exclusively. They glide a bit more than other putters, so I had to lower my release height. Also, like it has been said, spin putting works amazingly with these putters. If you put spin on an Ion, it almost takes off at a different speed than it leaves your hand...kinda like comparing a normal hotwheels car to one with the wind-up wheels. This can be great for outside the circle. I use a combo pop/ spin style of putting, so these putter mesh well with me.

Ions work well in the wind for putting, after you learn them. Have a head wind? Spin that baby up and it will ride the wind in. Tailwind? Lob putt it about a foot higher than the basket and watch the wind knock it down in what looks like a free throw.

I am still waiting for the Medium Ions to be release. The softs, while I still love them, are a bit flexible for the "pop" part of my putt and I would like to try out something stiffer.
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