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The tree by hole 7 at Dexter in Oregon...
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Originally Posted by MrSpiffro View Post
Penis Pump at Rivery Park
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Originally Posted by LhDave View Post
Found a wet looking dirty wife beater hanging from a branch, empty 40 of country club, half a pack of newports and a used rubber At my home course. On a 205 tunnel bout 9 feet wide totally covered on both sides the only people who usually go down it are mountain bikes and discgolfers. Guess the urge or desperation for a quickie spot was too high lol.
If you had found an empty bag of pork skins with that, I'd say somebody had a perfect evening.
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Strangest distraction on a DGC yet...

I've had pic nickers next to baskets, sunbathers on fairways, Kids humping in the woods on a course. I've had driver land next to 8' alligator.

Yesterday at Loriella I was going to play 18. I set my bag donw at the #1 tee pad and grabbed my putters and began to warm up at the practice basket.

Just as I was putting around,what looked like Mom, Dad & son are walking through the course which is not an unusual happening. I didn't pay much attention to it.

Now imagine that the #1 tee pad is at the top of an open field. There is a lot of places to stop that aren't in the way.

Just as I walk back to the tee pad the family have stopped and are doing something.

They have set up a model rocket kit exactly in the flight path from the tee pad to the pin.

Next thing is the swoosh of a lift off and the rocket shoots up about 300' pops open the chute and it floats down.

That was a first for me. I remember watching Apollo Saturn 5's from Cocoa Beach take off as a kid and this was not as impressive but hey it's a rocket I got a kick out of it.

So I walked over an just asked them to move out of the flight path until I make my tee shot and to keep an eye out for others who might show up.

They did and about every 10 minutes you would hear a launch. They must have bought about 10 engines for the rocket.
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My buddy had his bag sitting beside the tee pad for 16 at Terrace Creek and someone throwing off of 17 skipped his drive right onto the bag. We told him to play it where it lay, but weren't really that mean. It was crazy though.

Also saw a girl bounce one off of a car at Howling Coyote that was about 30 feet to the RiGHT of the tee pad. Talk about your late release!
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I had the local high school girl's soccer team yesterday practicing from teebox to hole.. one drill they would long kick then the next tee it would be a fast dribble to the basket.. their coach had some point system worked out. They were very cool about knowing where they were and the coach even asked me about my run up and a "flick" on the next hole. Was a pretty cool idea from them but just really bizarre seeing 15 or so girls holding soccer balls on the course.
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Monday I realized Vallarta-Ast was open so me and a friend quickly went up there since it was so nice out there to hopefully get a round in. Obviously everyone else had the same idea as it was somewhat packed. I can't recall which hole we were on, but we heard someone yell something along the lines of "F*** you tree!!!" It would have been a lot better if we had heard the sound of the disc hitting the tree, but still can't top the guy who shouted "F***ing hippies!!!" at Hiestand Park. May not be the funniest/weirdest thing I've seen/heard, but it still gave us a bit of a chuckle.

Also on Wednesday when we went there again, and I threw right towards some branches on a tree near an opening in them. I think I asked the disc to go through the opening though it was headed strait for the branches above it...but the disc gods answered my prayer and knocked the disc down about a foot sending it clear through the tree. Only to get knocked to the side a bit by another tree around 30-50ft further down the fairway. Sadly that didn't leave me in that much better of a spot than I would have been, but was still rather cool to see.
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i was playing my home course willow creek in chicago suburbs and i was on hole seven about too tee off and there is a bike path by the pin with the path winding behind the basket. walkers are common on the path so i look down and i see a guy on a unicycle comin crusin down at a pretty fast speed and flew by me... random but kinda cool i didnt know you could go that fast on a unicycle, he was probably a professional haha
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This sign is right near the tee for Hole 1 at Timberlane Park. A walking path cuts across the fairway as you can see in the pic, and in the second pic is a close up of the sign. I just think the guy in the picture looks like he is taking a DWI test:

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Weird thing, was @ hp today. 80 degree's very little wind, 2pm on a Saturday.. I had the course almost to myself for a round and a half, I was told by a couple of kids I ran into that cottonwood was absolutely packed. Not complaining but usually on nice afternoons there is a few people and the weekends it can get kind of busy. Especially since it was snowing last weekend
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