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I was trying out the brand new course at Franklin Park, in Purcellville, Virginia. 3 of the holes play through a defunct golf driving range, which still has the distance signs in place. This led to me walking right in front of a dude who was taking whacks and video taping himself. He stopped and gave me a "what the hell are you doing?" look as I walked up to the hole where the tee pads are being placed, and teed off. He stopped for a few minutes, then kept on practicing, but didn't come close to me as I played the three holes. I guess he didn't notice the tree brand new baskets and 3 huge holes in the ground that are dug in the middle of "his" driving range. The funny thing is that there's a free and legit driving range down the road that he could go to without putting any disc golfers in danger...
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Originally Posted by NovaDiscHead View Post
The funny thing is that there's a free and legit driving range down the road that he could go to without putting any disc golfers in danger...
I totally just read that as if you were putting a disc.

Weirdest thing I have seen on a disc golf course. My friend and I were midway through Idlewild on a short hole and I nearly aced it! Bounced off the basket. I was so excited i went after my disc immediately. As I picked up my disc a squirrel scampered 8 feet in front of me with a huge nut in its mouth and froze as it saw me. I raised it over my head as if to hammer it at the squirrel, ready to kill the innocent creature when out of nowhere a disc hits the ground at the squirrels feet, sends the nut flying and makes the squirrel do a flip. My friend had teed off and didn't even know what had happened, I had to tell him.

Better yet, he had hit a squirrel on purpose that was scampering up a tree earlier in the course! Bewildered I was.

(no squirrels were physically harmed in the making of this thread...just shook up)
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Originally Posted by Fishy View Post
queer part: Two bicyclists in the park on a sleeping bag

don't make me stand on my soapbox! I'm all for them, but unless you are Lance Armstrong and trying to shave a second off your time there is no reason for a grown man to wear full body spandex, it looks "gay". //rant over
Don't look at them so you won't get so worked up. Sounds like you're struggling.

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discaddict and I were playing Jordan the other week end and came upon a set of dentures,funney I mentioned this to bcr123psu. He saw the same ones on the same hole. It was funney at the time.
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ive seen a guy with a tattoo of a rocket shooting into a girl's a$s, too make it worse, it was all anime, and the guy was like prob 40, but looked like he was 60+ and it covered his whole back, dude had no teeth, i can only imagine he's under ground by now.
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Early on, I think like my first or second day out disc golfing I made like a 50ft maybe more putt. I was really surprised at the shot. To top it off though there was a group of girls who all let out a cheer. They were likely on a local soccer or other high school sports team as the Hill that this course is on is used by them for rigorous practices they do(also were in matching jerseys), like the 3 a day practices I know our HS's soccer team had to do.
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Dynamic Discs had a tourney here at Lewisville lake last week and before the round everyone was practicing and such. Well we were all working on putts on hole 8 when all the sudden you see like 3 people literally 3 feet from the basket duck as the guy teeing off aced. It was pretty funny and sick.
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I hit a bird with a drive that was realy moving. the bird changed the flight of the disk. The bird crashed to the ground then staggered around to only fly off again.
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My funniest/weirdest thing ive seen on my home course were horses...an older couple riding horses in a city park strolling around cutting through where ever they may please and entertaining the kids that saw it. It was quite bizarre when you are about to tee off on the first hole and out of nowhere you see people riding horses up the hill from the basket and stop to eat the grass next to you. It was surely interesting and really made my day. Some of the park goers didn't like it, but most of the people really loved it.
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Default Lunch Time

I was playing Bartholomew a month or two ago and there was a young hispanic girl walking in a circle in the middle of the fairway of #12 breastfeeding her kid. I tried in earnest to portray I was trying to throw in her direction but I think she thought I was just crazy. I decided I didn't need to play #12 that day.
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