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Originally Posted by Okie-J View Post
The first feature length documentary about the fascinating love story between men and flying plastic. With rare archive footage, amazing personal accounts of Frisbee legends, and today's hot spots, THE INVISIBLE STRING is an entertaining journey into the spirit of a whole era and the joy of play!

Ahhh it's a love story.

Dig it.
Damn, I'd heard legends of a smart Okie, but I never thought I'd meet him.
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Thar bez a fuws of us weth som edjakatun.
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So the invisible string is like hittin the note?
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I would purchase the DVD in a heartbeat, but it appears only to be available in European format, and from Amazon.de.
Anyone know differently?
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We screened the film in Santa Cruz at the FPA world championships. It is a bit freestyle-heavy, but all the disc sports are featured. I give it
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This is a fun week. Chipper Bro is a Ventura guy. We have the movie on Thursday and then he puts on the Aloha Beach Festival this weekend. Good times.
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Story Time!

I am a lover of people more than things, I enjoy all of the hobbies and interests that others share with me. I enjoy social games that provide me with some type of challenge more than others...but nothing felt truly personally identifying.

I used to play a lot of catch with an Ultimate disc in the parking lot of work during down times (we worked overnights and in the middle of the night you have a few hours of literally nothing to do when customers weren't around) and that was a lot of fun, I got pretty good at throwing, but it was just a time waster with coworkers.

Then I found disc golf. The first time I played we only managed to get through 13 holes at MCC before the darkness set in and members of our party were being attacked by wasps from a nest under the hole 13 basket (hole 1 these day FYI). On my way home, a drive I'm very familiar with, I missed two different turns because I was so excited I simply could not concentrate.

My addiction hit hard and immediately. It's the only hobby I've ever wanted to invest my life in.

I quickly became involved in all the forums, learning as much as I could and of course buying ALL THE PLASTIC (and baskets, and bags, and towels, and minis, and a 400' measuring tape, and cones...)

I made the subject of my senior project Installing Disc Golf Courses On Municipal Properties: How to get your parks and rec department to put in a course for you. (long story there, but there is now a course going in as a result of my interviews with my town parks and rec department 4 years ago!)

I have taken short breaks, I've taken time to heal after injuries, I've been too busy to play at times...but disc golf is in my soul.

I cannot imagine my life entirely separated from Disc Golf, from "Throwing Plastic Circles" as my friend Steve put it yesterday.

I will play in a parking lot, back yard, or a professional course. I'll putt on a mini basket in your living room.

I'll play catch with your kids.

I absolutely love a flying disc, and I never feel exactly the same type of joy as I feel when I'm throwing with some friends and family.

The invisible string binds us all, with love, respect, and shared sacrifice. Together we are strong.
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Originally Posted by jhgonzo View Post
You mean the whole "releasing your spirit with the disc" hippie nonsense? Yeah, I got a chuckle out of that.
I thought that line was dope as ****. I'm addicted to chucking and watching my drivers sail....
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Originally Posted by Shmacka View Post
When you hit that perfect line, and you know you hit it, and the disc is flying where you want it to be, and everything around you fades into obscurity but the disc, its line, and maybe the basket in the background, that, THAT is the invisible string. Quantum mechanics describes this state as "entangled". Once you have a taste, you want MORE...

WillACarpenter - sick summarry man <3<3<3

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Looks like a fun movie!

The trailer was good fun for sure, even with the mumbo-jumbo.

The crowds at the Rose Bowl were insane. The GUTS footage looked tough (I've only heard a little about the game). The skip shots on water were nice - I'm not that brave.
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