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Default open for suggestions on my bag.

Currently i've been content on what i have been throwing but i feel like im missing something or could add to it for different shots. but i will let you guys be the judges. oh and btw dont rip on me for just using Discraft. no im not against other company's, i just prefer the plastics over the others.

The list...
Surge, esp/flx (i run 2 of these)
Nuke, esp
Stalker, Cyrstal Z plastic
Drone, esp/flx
Meteor, esp
Buzz, esp
Magnet (same with the surges i run 2 magnets)
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Two slots come to mind:
1. Overstable driver- Like a predator. Something that will be overstable and go left, as well as fight the wind. Basically, for those shots that are too long for your drone.

2. Understable driver- The surge can do this, but it's not really that understable, more like a stable distance driver. An X Avenger, Z Wildcat, Avenger SS, or Z XL could probably work well for you. Basically shots that need to go father than your Meteor or Buzzz.

If you only want to carry the Z Stalker as a fairway driver, it's not a bad choice of being a good all around fairway driver. You could add something like a Tracker for more stable shots, or an XL or Cyclone for straighter and less stable shots.

Also, the Nuke and the Surge are pretty much the same disc, but the Nuke is wider rimmed and faster. They have just about the same stablity. The nuke may act more stable if you aren't throwing it with enough power. I sometimes have both in the bag, but the Surge is more accurate for me, and the Nuke can get about 30 more feet for me, but can sometimes cost me strokes because I don't get it up to speed enough, or the wide rim messes up my release.
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What ever is comparable to a Firebird/Monster and comparable to a Roadrunner/Sidewinder in discraft.
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I'd say anarak82 hit it pretty close, so essentially a reiteration. Overstable driver, Predator or Flick, they're pretty overstable so a Z Wildcat, Z/ESP Tracker or Z/ESP Avenger (pretty stable, won't get flippy on you) would be the next step down. You could use a fairway driver, XL, Cyclone, XS or possibly an Impact (kind of between Buzzz and Stalker).
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Keep the Magnets or mail them to Midnightbiker, Humble, TX...............
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Try a Z XL. It's pretty straight to start (depending on your power) but will turn into a fairway straight to a nice understable disc depending on how you throw it.
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Thanks for the info and ideas. it looks like i will pick up a Esp Pred and a Z XL.
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So im pretty happy with my pred and XL. they do pretty much what i was told and expected from them, thanks on the suggestions.

btw to you magnet lovers CE/ESP magnet in the mail cant wait.
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so my bag has changed alot since i last posted about suggestions and im no longer a discraft fan boy but now i have ventured to other companys.

currently im running..

Star Boss ( lately i have been Fh ing this more then Bh ing )
Z Nuke ( driver of choice )
Star Valkyrie
X XL ( has become my roller)
Star TeeBird
Z Stalker
Buzzz one esp and one Z
3 Wizards 2 of are SSS and the other is medium

i feel that i may be overlapping in the fairway department but im not sure myself, like some other opinions.
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I don't know if I'd call that overlap, but I guess it depends on your teebird, mine is very overstable, so it complimented the stalker very nicely for me. If yours is more domey and not as overstable there could be some overlap there.
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