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Originally Posted by RHINESEL View Post
River Grove DGC in Kingwood, TX

Hole 12 221 ft par 3

Pretty straight forward tunnel shot:

Either a Meteor RHBH through the big gap on the left or a Buzzz RHBH through the little gap on the right. I think the Buzzz would work out better but it would depend if I'm hitting my gaps that day.

Ultimately though, its a 94.5% probability I'm going to smack directly into that tree.
I would probably hit one of those trees just in front of the tee pad.
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star roc allthe way to the basket no problem
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Wasp or Buzzz
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Like myself, that hole would get buzzz'ed!
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well since it looks likes any kind of fade left or right is bad i'd throw a beat up dx roc or kc pro roc with a slight turnover and minimal return back.
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I would go with a Stalker right at it.The Stalker flies straighter with more fade then the ESP Buzzz and with more understable flight then the Z-Buzzz so the Stalker would be the best choice for a straight shot.
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Aftershock or gator
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Wizard. At that distance for me, the Wizard could be thrown straight at it and is not going to fade much at all
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