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Originally Posted by Midnightbiker View Post
If I am going for the ace, I throw a Buzz. That way it will be air born when it gets there.

If I just want to park it, I throw a 176 Soft Magnet, and lay it right next to the basket.
Replace the Magnet with an Ion and you have my answer, though I'd probably never choose the Buzzz...
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Beautiful little run. Tough choice.
Safe: flick a beaten, Ch Rhyno on a slight anhyzer aiming right at the big tree on the right and hope to get a super tight "S" that ends up fading a little to the right of the basket.
Go for it: flick a Z Buzz right up the gut and hope it finds its way through the trees without skipping too far past the basket.
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wizard, thrown flat
aviar, slight hyzer
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Originally Posted by sloppydisc View Post
That must be one of the holes I butchered when I played with Midnight. So I'm really not qualified to offer an opinion, but here it goes anyway. I would throw my Core, overthrow, hit the tree on the right, bounce it deep into the woods on the right and take a 5.
In that case, I might go with a FLX Challenger, FLX Buzzz, or my beat-all-to-hades Evo Warlock. When they hit, they flop - no bounce.
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HHHMMMM. I do own all of those discs. Maybe 1 or 2 should go in the bag. Or one of those Ions I keep hearing about.
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Originally Posted by billnchristy View Post
great choice
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I think I would run strait at it with my mako.
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Kc pro roc.
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Originally Posted by bongripper0420 View Post
Kc pro roc.
I would throw the kc pro roc that's been working hard for the past year... I haven't been able to nail down the putter hyzer flip yet, though i'm working on it
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Buzzz straight down the pipe or, more likely I'll throw my Coyote and try to flex it a bit and get a tight little S-curve.
I also bet I could FH my FL and have a nice chance at an ace run...although when it hits and skips, it's going at least 15-20 feet to the right...I'd still try it though.
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