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Default Ace Trophy, award, bag patch?

So I've been playing about 3 times a week since April and I hit my first ace yesterday, super super exciting! Hole is about 180-220 ft long and hit it right off the tee (on my only tee shot of course, didn't tee off with multiple discs or anything)

The question I have is what to do celebrate it? I've seen bag patches, trophy's, and stuff like that but it there anything that is typical when you ace a hole or is it just about bragging rights that your now a member of the Ace club (if there's a different term for it let me know).

Again I'm still very new to the game and this may be a silly question but I am super pumped about it and wanted to do a little something for myself to celebrate this awesome accomplishment! Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks!
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Have a picture taken with you, the disc and the basket in it. You can retire the disc as a trophy if you so please. If you had witnesses, have them sign the disc.

And keep things in perspective. You threw a disc into a basket from a long distance off a tee pad. I'm sure it was an exciting experience, but stop equating it to some right of passage that needs more documentation than what I suggested. It wasn't like your first time getting laid or anything.

Oh, and don't be like this douche....

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Most disc golfer's i know take their first ace disc and hang it up or display it but stop playing with it so they dont lose it. I have one friend who hangs up any ace disc and buys a new disc to replace it. I just take a picture of the moment and had the people im playing with sign it if they wanted to. But i keep playing with my ace discs.
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Congrats! I don't have one yet, but i'd sign and date it. Other than that i'm not sure what i'd do as i've not had one to celebrate.
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Originally Posted by scarpfish View Post
Oh, and don't be like this douche....

That guy probably hasn't gotten laid yet, so.....
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Originally Posted by dontBLAMEtheDISC View Post
I have one friend who hangs up any ace disc and buys a new disc to replace it.
This is what I do. I write on the face of the disc the course, hole #, and distance and have witnesses sign the back. I'll continue to use it until I have a replacement, and then it's retired.

Given that I've only had 4 aces in my 12ish years of playing makes it easy to retire the few discs that I do throw in from the tee.
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I note the ace number, the hole number, the course, the date, and, if applicable, the tourney right on the disc. But that's it. I don't retire the disc, or at least not because it is an ace disc (except for the first one, that came out of the bag quickly). To me, the only thing more special than an ace disc is a disc with multiple aces on it. Can't get a second (or third or fourth) ace with a disc if you hang it up after the first one.

Whatever you feel like doing to celebrate the throw is cool, with one HUGE exception. Don't be the douche who thinks his ace is soooo important and noteworthy that he has to let the whole world know about it by tagging the tee sign or basket with the news. Even if you're not the first to do it on a given hole (because the sign is littered with ink), don't add to the graffiti.
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Go get a second ace with it!
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You can either:

A- Be a stand up guy... and mark the ace on your disc (and photo op).

B- Be a douche... and mark the ace on the park equipment (basket band, tee sign, etc).

You decide.
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I retired my first one.
I originally wrote the date, hole, and length (and pointed out the dent from hitting the pole) on top and had the witnesses sign the back. Was going to keep throwing it, but a few weeks later I almost lost it in high grass and the dread in that moment made me decided it's a keepsake.
My other 2 aces weren't even with my discs.
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