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Default Your nemesis hole

Anyone else have that one hole on a particular course that seems to get you every time?

Mine is hole 3 from the longs at ditto in Maryland. Every time, I just can't seem to take a par on it. I have tried every disc and shot in my bag, even weird ones like a scoring/grenade over the trees, and it just won't let me take my par and move on.
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18 at arboretum should be very birdieable, but I always seem to be scrambling for par. It's in the 320 range and requires late L-R movement around some trees. I usually hit the trees or throw it off target.
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Hole 12 on Kincaid Park in Anchorage, AK. This hole has had my number for years. It's a 90 degree dogleg right hole with a narrow approach to a basket that's guarded by a fallen tree log. This is the furthest hole on the courses from the parking lot, making it a pain in the ass to practice.
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Dumb number 9 at Oregon Park in Marietta, GA.

It's only about 320 but there is no clear line, just a ton of trees the whole way down. I've lost multiple discs on that hole and can only seem to 3 it when a 2 should be easy.
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Hole 18 at harmony bends@strawn park. 5 is a good score for me there. I've only witnessed a couple of 4s...toughest finishing hole I've ever seen. Had to throw 3 really good shots to get a 5 today, and I'm very happy with that (I was able to shoot par for the first time there with a 5 on that finishing hole)
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Long 14 at Idlewild is the dumbest hole in disc golf. Took a 10 on it once in a tourney without an OB... I was 2 strokes behind the leader with 5 to play. Wound up not cashing...
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Not a specific hole, but a type of hole. The one that I can never birdie, and will almost never bogey. The kind that is too far out of range for your max drives, but not far enough that you need to work at the approach. For me, holes like this are around 350-375. On the flip side, holes like this are motivation to gain more D, and improve accuracy.
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Hole #3 at The Oaks in Mokena, Il.

A par 3 hole that for the life of me I can never shoot less than a 4 on. Pin is placed strategically behind a couple of trees with a nice downhill behind the pin for any long putt attempts that go past the pin. What makes it hard also is having to throw over some bushes that are in front of the tee, thus forcing me to throw higher than I normally would for a drive. Plus there are trees and some scrub to both sides of the line.
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Every hole in the world except #12 at Wirth Par 3.
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The rock at Brackett's Bluff.

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