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Default Bad shoulder

I am a Senior Legends player who has finally let arthritis destroy his right (RHBH) shoulder.

So I will be having shoulder replacement surgery the end of this month (July 2016). My surgeon feels confident if I work hard I will be back playing in several months or so.

I want really like to correspond with someone who plays with a replaced shoulder.

Is anyone aware of someone who fits this description.

My left-handed game is a source of great amusement.


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read here:

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read this article:
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Originally Posted by Noill Golf View Post

I'm not yet a candidate for replacement since I'm only 35. The arthritis is bad enough that replacement is a given eventually, but my surgeries were an arthroscopic bankhart repair/debridement and then an open bankhart repair and rotator interval closure.
Had a setback in April with a torn deltoid, so I'm back again to not throwing yet.

OP, I'm very curious as to how your recovery and rehab goes, and the quality of life outcome. Secondary to that will be your disc golf abilities post-op. I hope you'll keep us updated as you go.
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I need to have my left scoped, and probably something else with my right, as I have one frozen and the other impinged. Luckily I can still throw RHBH without pain.
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Default Bad Shoulder Jr

Thanks for all the replies. After reading them I'll ID as Bad Shoulder Jr because it's obvious who the original "Bad Shoulder" is.

I am blessed going in because my rotator cuff is sound and so are enough bones, so I will receive the standard shoulder replacement.

Currently I am awaiting a surgery date and should know it in the next 2 weeks.

I will post as this program progresses and it should be quite an adventure.

Thanks for your interest.

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I didn't have a shoulder replacement, but I did have shoulder surgery that shut me down completely for 4 months. No fun, but considering that I couldn't throw at all before, and have been throwing for 11 years since, and counting, it was worth it.
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The details of your progress will be of great interest to Legends, and future, Legends regarding this surgery. A few years ago my orthopedist after looking at my shoulder MRI simply said, "yes, you do have a well used 70 year old shoulder." But Arthur and his friends Osteo and Itus are closing in. This blog will be useful.
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I'd look into Wim Hof breathing/cold exposure for the arthritis. There's new science showing it helps reduce inflammation and the breathing does something to block pain receptors just like lamaze breathing for expecting mothers. I have slight arthritis in my hands and other places and it's like I get a rush of blood to those areas and they feel a little less rickety afterwards and less pain.

Apparently it has lots of health benefits.

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I'm a Legend too. Well, in my own mind anyway. But seriously, I am a Senior Grandmaster. I had a torn rotator in my throwing arm and severe arthritis too. I didn't get the shoulder replaced but I did get scoped and things were "repaired". Had the surgery in Feb 2013 (I think) and by mid Jun I was back on the course. Started by playing best shot from the short tees with my wife. It was worth it.

I'm sure I've reinjured the shoulder but its still better than it was. And I may need that shoulder replaced along with both hips and my left knee. Such is life.

My point is to wish you good luck with the surgery. And although I am probably preaching to the choir I can not stress enough the importance of being the model patient during the physical therapy stage. Work and work hard at the pace the therapists tell you. And then some. An aggressive PT program will have you back out there showing them youngin's a thing or two.
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