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My Fractured Foot

I've talked a bit about it in my thread in the watercooler, but I thought I'd start a thread for those that avoid the the dark side, provide a place for me to update my dgcr friends and family on my recovery progress and give a place for people to share experiences and advice.

Part of the recovery process is developing a network of people that care that I can discuss things with - now I know many of you don't care, but I also know some of you do and I thank you for giving me an outlet and a place to share (of course I have a closer network of people that I am a bit more intimate with, and facebook is another outlet that I will be updating).

A huge shoutout to my girlfriend mandabear, she has stood by my side this entire time. I would be completely lost without her from feeding myself, transportation, moving around the house and even using the bathroom, if our relationship had any weak spots before, I can only see this making us stronger together after all the bumps along the way.

Saturday morning I took a fall, I landed pretty much directly on my right heel. I spent all of Saturday and Sunday in the hospital (Mayo clinic Rochester). As the doctor put it "It's like a small explosion" many pieces that need to get pulled back together.

Tomorrow I go in for surgery. I will be in the hospital for 3 days minimum. Then it will be a progression of splint to hard cast to boot to "healed". I may be walking again by the new year, and my goal is to be throwing again by the Memorial in Feb.
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Sorry to hear about this, Matt. Best of luck with the surgery, heal well and get back in action when you are able.
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Good luck and keep your chin up! You'll be playing sooner than you think.
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Damn, Matt...didn't realize it was that bad.

I was seriously hoping it was more on the side of "minor fracture" and you'd be able to hobble through Outlaw, or at least be back out on the course in 6-8 weeks.

Surgery and rehab suxxors, big time. I broke my hand pretty badly in college and had to go through the long recovery process. My only words of advice: as depressing as it might seem now, keep your head up and your spirits high. You'll be healed before you know it!

Take care, Matt, and if you need anything or need someone to talk to (yeah I realize I don't have much to offer on these points ), you can always hit me up.
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Sorry to hear that man. Maybe some Tequilla with some sort of soda would help the pain.

I recently had a bad accident and am still healing (3 1/2 weeks) but luckily nothing broken. I hope everything goes smoothly and you recover faster than expected! Hopefully Forrest can raise your spirits as well.
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Sorry to hear about this and I wish you a speedy recovery. Was this a dg injury? I fractured my tibia playing and then my wrist(drill accident) 2 weeks later about 4-5 years ago. Lucky neither required surgery, but I will tell you hand injuries are way worse, be glad it's a foot instead. My "good" ankle had chronic impingement and my "good" wrist developed some nasty tendonitis. It was pretty rough for a couple months physically and mentally not having any 100% working appendages and took a year to really recover. The most painful injury was when I dislocated my hip playing soccer in HS, was on crutches a couple months and took a full year to walk somewhat normal again and ended my soccer career as well as most land based sports for a couple years.
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Bummer. Thanks again for the Camp Roc3s

I am an old x-ray tech and nurse.

A couple advices for the heal period..
Start watching your diet and cut calories now.
Yoga is good.
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Good luck brother. I seriously sprained my foot about two months ago and it's only just fully healing, I played one round in Germany a few weeks ago because that's a rare opportunity but otherwise it's been a sadly disc golf less July and August. This after a shoulder injury that put me out for February and March. Injuries are a drag.

Take care, heal up, be patient, and find something else to do. As much of a drag as it is to be moving slowly, try to find a new hobby, even if it's only temporary. It's all about keeping preoccupied and avoiding thinking about the course, a hike, etc. You'll appreciate your health anew once it returns, and it'll return if you treat your body right. Good luck and godspeed.
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Hope everything went well today, and heal well... and fast!
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I'm on the road to Rochester. Checking in for surgery at 8:30am. Thanks for the support so far, I will keep you updated as the day progresses.

Staying positive.
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