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Originally Posted by ZBoazMobster View Post

Striped Bark Scorpion, Z-Boaz today.
Those things are all over the hill country. That thing wasn't still alive was it?
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Got stung by bees playing Old Coachman. Never saw them but had to start running. They kept stinging. I am wondering if they were africanized. I tried playing a few more holes and my scalp started itching. Then my ears felt like they were full of fluid. Then my whole body started itching. I went to my car, looked in the mirror and I had the "Hitch" look...face all swollen and unrecognizable! I had no idea I was allergic. I ran and grabbed some benadryl. Fortunately everything worked out great. Just broke out in hives from head to toe.
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Once I threw an Eagle and a hawk crossed its flight path.

I was playing at night (glow disc is awesome, its so easy to find your discs). Anyway I found this creepy crawly thing that was glowing like a lightning bug. I thought that I had found a new bug, so I took it home. It turns out that lightning bugs are creepy crawlies before they mature.
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I got stung by a scorpion on the last knuckle of my pinky finger, 5 or so years back, at Circle C in Austin. I was grabbing a rock to knock my disc out of a tree on hole 18 when it popped me. I'd been stung on the side before and it only felt like a bee sting. On the knuckle felt like someone drove a hot nail through my finger. Not fun.
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Originally Posted by ZBoazMobster View Post
Thomas just reminded me of a time, hole 15 @ the Z: Large Redtail Hawk, under the canopy. Interesting. Cameraphones start getting close. WHOOF! Hawk takes off in a fast b-line to... SQUIRREL! LMFAO you shoulda seen that squirrel freak out. Hawk missed, flew thru the trees in a semi-circle and appears to land on a nest. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Hawk begins tearing apart the nest. Apparently a sqirrels nest. Then someone got too close, and the hawk left.

This particular hawk is one of a pair that call Z-Boaz DGC home. We see him all the time.
I seen a hawk do that at the USDGC last year down at Winny Gold. It came from across the lake and tried to scoop up a squirrel right near hole #2 teepad.
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I saw a Coyote jogging across the course at Bijou park in S. Lake Tahoe.
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Krazy Kritters

Water Mocassin. My buddy lost a dx Viper (ha) and almost got bit by one that was sleeping. It was at Spring Valley in Spring, Texas. Love the course tho
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Originally Posted by skurf View Post
Those things are all over the hill country. That thing wasn't still alive was it?
Yeap, it's alive. Depending on how your body reacts, she could be slightly dangerous. I've handled many venomous animals, this one was freakish to pick up at first, but she was very calm. My team mate actually said "Don't come near me" and back-stepped several feet away, lol. I moved her to a safer location.

For what it's worth... don't wear sandals at Z-Boaz.
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Originally Posted by Huk Finn View Post
I saw a Coyote jogging across the course at Bijou park in S. Lake Tahoe.
While on Vacation back in March, I was out in Reno and went over to Tahoe and played Zephyr and Bijou, at Zephyr on one of the holes we heard these dogs barking and going crazy, we looked up as 4 coyotes came charging right up over the ridge at us. When they seen us, they abruptly changed directions and went the other way, meanwhile these two blood hound looking dogs continued the chase. It was the strangest thing I had ever seen. But it was cool, wild life in one dirction and Lake Tahoe the other direction, really great site.

Btw, Bijou is an awesome course, even though some places we were throwing crotch deep in the snow.
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Originally Posted by Midnightbiker View Post
I have a few stories from my home course, since its 100% wooded, but I will start with this one. This was the worst experience I have ever had on a disc golf course:

I was playing with my brother and two other guys and I had shanked my second throw between the #17 fairway (the hole we were on) and the #10 basket. I put my bag down near my disc, and reach down to get the disc.

All of the sudden, my hand felt like it was on fire, and I looked down and saw something black and yellow on my hand. I first thought I had just gotten bitten by those big spiders, but then I noticed things buzzing around me. I had set my bag down on a yellow jackets nest in the ground.

I hauled ass out of there, but not before I got stung 3 more times. Then, they swarmed my bag, and we couldn't get with in 15ft of it. My brother found a very long tree branch, probably 20ft long, and hooked my bag and drug it away from the nest. We then dumped everything out and started to beat the yellow jackets that were still inside.

We finished up at 18, and sat down and talked about what just happened. They wanted to play another round, so I made 9 more holes, and I just didn't feel good after that, so I went home and recovered. I hope I never go through anything like that again.

Sat my bag down in a yellow jackets nest before, only got hit once but still sucked

We have some kind of huge hornet that burrows in the ground here, alot of times in tree cavities. If I ever get into one of their nest I might have to rethink this sport, those things are vicious
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