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Pepe let himself go when his cartoon was canceled.
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My home course has natural sink holes that fill up with water and act like 10' x 20' sand traps.

Last summer we had a full grown snapping turtle that would wander from one sink to the other, so you never knew where he was. It made disc retrieval a lot more nerve wrecking. Had a water moccasin in one of the sinks for a week or so too.
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Seven Bald eagles last time I went out.... they stay here all winter, but I am usually lucky to see 3 or 4.
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Originally Posted by ZBoazMobster View Post
Actually seen a Fence Swift today. Don't usually see them in January... but this is the south.
Oh, south January, of course.
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Originally Posted by gcr_russell View Post
Ill bring my camera next week to Kingman AZ and try to get some pictures of the Dog sized Jackrabbits. And maybe Ill get lucky enough for pictures of some of those coyotes as well.
As big as rottweilers or as big as yorkies? By which I mean "dog sized" doesn't do much for me without photos.
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Well this is not really a critter but we did spot this thing on #12 at Eastway in Charlotte yesterday. What happened was the animal control van tried to drive back in the woods along #13 and sank to the axles, then the rollback trying to get him out got stuck himself, then they called in the big boy and had to cable winch them out to the road, Just for the record the pin for #12 is behind the big Peterbuilt about 30 feet. Our whole group had to throw over top of the Peterbuilt.....cost me a bogey LOL
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one of my regular courses is clearwater/pleasant lake in Annandale MN, and holes 3-8 are somewhat in the woods, so squirrles and snakes are pretty common and ive even seen a pair of bald eagles on the open part of the course. but my family said there was a bear roaming anround that area but my friend and i didnt belive them because bears arent reall common around our part of MN. and when you are playing this course, on hole ten you can see the pin of hole 11, whis is about 300 yards away from the teepad of 10, but my friend and i were playing at close to dusk and we saw that bear from hole ten, it was at the basket of hole 11, and we basically had to walk the whole course backwards to get back to the car and avoid the bear, it was kinda scary
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I was going out to throw a few discs in my backyard course and I found these guys in the way: Something went wrong. Please make sure you added the video correctly. Click here to see how YouTube videos should be embedded. There could also be a technical issue that's not your fault. Click here to view the video on YouTube's site. If this link doesn't work, you did something wrong.. they are always dropping turds on my fairway!
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@Chainseeker: Awesome story. Welcome to DGCR.

@gripNrip: Black Bear? That would be cool to see!

I went and played yesterday with my dog, despite the zero degree windchill. Doc doesn't usually bark, but this hollow log got him to. Stick my face down there to see what's in there: RRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr goes the big black Cat. Ok, cya.
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Originally Posted by Lewis View Post
As big as rottweilers or as big as yorkies? By which I mean "dog sized" doesn't do much for me without photos.
Plenty bigger than yorkies, but not as big as a large dog. Very large by rabbit standards, I will be there at an ice bowl on Saturday and will try to get a good picture. They're very jumpy so it may be hard to get a good picture but I'll try my best. For western AZ we'll have close to Ice bowl weather, but not even close to what a lot of you are dealing with. Today Kingman is a low of 19, high of 38 with 25 mph winds, but Saturday will be a high of 64, low of 40, with 14mph winds. Hopefully the jackrabbits won't all be in hiding.
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