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Snakes, squirrels, and deer all the time. I once had a dog chase a rabbit across the tee pad I was standing on. brattenj of DGCR was playing at dusk in the woods and actually got run into by a small deer! And of course that annoying mutant duck at Winthrop.
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In Wisconsin you get a lot of Squirrels, Turkeys, Deer, Wannabe pro's, Ducks, I.C.P. fans, & Geese.
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The course in Plainview, TX has at least one pair of very large jackrabbits that watch me play the back nine every time I play there. I play during the week when there are usually 1 to 5 people in the whole park. They will stay about 100 feet from me and just watch.

Living in Texas, there are all kinds of critters in the parks (especially insects). I'll be looking for the mountain lion in Rockwall. I play that course about every other month. In west Texas, there are plenty of snakes... take a cane or stick with you when you play in a course with a lot of cover for them. Poke before you look.
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Sounds like a coluber constrictor flaviventris (aka Eastern Yellow-Bellied Racer or Blue Racer):

Snakes of Missouri
Yeah that was it, I think, looks very similar, it actually flared its head out like a cobra, just not as big. i had never seen any other snake do that.
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Last summer I saw a live bat that was stuck in a burr bush at Avery Preserve. Some dudes got it unstuck, but it's wings were too mangled for it to fly away, so it probably died.

I also see gophers at the course all the time. Not a great course for disc golf, but good for seeing animals.
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There are these two geese at my course I recognize them every time because they are the only geese I've ever seen on the course. and they're always together just standing on the grass following the setting sun so they can sunbath. I see them EVERY time I go out lol me and my friends are trying to nick name them.
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At La Raza in San Jose, CA I have seen some cows on the hill (moo-ing right in the middle of my drive on hole 6. I have also seen plenty of lizards, as well as once I saw a family of wild turkeys migrating thru the course! That was cool
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My disc landed next to a large snake when I was playing in Tyler Texas. Not sure what kind it was, but probably about 5 feet long. I quietly and carefully picked up my disc and moved along.
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I named my course after the cats that live on the first three holes, I know cats aren't exciting but that can be creepy at dusk when your finshing 18 and all you can see are their eyes looking at you.

on other cool notes I once saw a snake swimming with a fish in its mouth.
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Originally Posted by WillACarpenter View Post
I almost hit a squirrel last week, and the squirrel I almost hit let out this panicked SCREAM that was a distress call to all of the other squirrels nearby...so about 5' to the left of where I am another squirrel heads the call...and just LOSES HIS MIND. He runs right at me, right past me, and up a tree to the right of me about 15'.
LOL...that's hilarious. I was stalked by a big a** beaver at one course.
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