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Default What is the Longest Drive recorded ON FLAT GROUND???

I just started this sport last week and have been watching a lot of clips, some on you tube of people throwing of cliffs and everything and it intrigued me to wonder what the actual record for a throw on flat ground or minimal elevation was.

If anyone knows please post. I searched the internet a little but didn't find a solid answer. I did see a 726 ft ace which is ridiculously awesome but it was extreme elevation.
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something slightly over 800- christian sandstrom- dx valkyrie
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250.00m (820 ft.) Christian Sandstrom (SWE) 4/26/2002 El Mirage, CA
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This is the best site for all things disc related....http://www.wfdf.org/index.php?page=records/index.htm
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That 820' is in ideal conditions - about 25 mph tailwind and also an ideal elevation. No one can really throw that far without help from the wind. The indoor record is 470' by Dan Berman on 12/10/05.
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interesting, never thought they did an indoor record, i remember reading bout folks wanting to use an airport hanger, just never seen any numbers for such an event
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Me, 5,479', at the Salt Flats in April of this year.
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Seriously, on flat ground one time, I threw 900'.............................................. .................................................. ............'
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Here is the list of all 180m+ throws (a little over 590') from all the years of Big D in the Desert where the world records are usually set.

The cool thing here is to be able to look at every single throw over 180m and see the names that stay at the top of the list and what discs they used. Chris Max Voight has thrown discs over 700' in four different years ('01, '02, '03, '06), more years than anyone else. The other top throwers who are repeatedly near the top are Christian Sandstrom (current record holder at 820'), brothers Ken and Marc Jarvis, Erin Hemmings, and not far behind them are Avery Jenkins and Jack Cooksey...

Another person bearing mention is David Wiggins... he's been setting records for whatever age group he was in since he was less than 10 years old. So we don't really know what his potential will be as he continues to grow and develop his game. But he did get off one incredible throw at last year's event (734') to put him 10th for all time, but that's more than a 100' farther than his second best throw of all time, which helps highlight how variable big throws are.

The best distance throwers in the world can throw a bunch of shots 600' with perfect conditions and then hit the shot of their lives on a perfect line under perfect conditions and get an extra 100-200' of distance on the disc.

And what you have to understand about big distance shots is that they use totally different lines than you would use on a disc golf course and they have to get a lot of help from the wind.

The other thing to remember is that the Big D in the desert event is not heavily attended, so there are a lot of top distance driving pros who've never been out to the event.

In my opinion, a better way to judge more real-world big distance is to look at something like the distance driving contests at the USDGC. There, a lot of the top players huck their plastic as far as they can, and the conditions are much more real-world than in the desert. Garret Gurthie has won the distance contest at USDGC three times, and I think his farthest throw has been around 585', less than the 180m needed to even make it on the list at Big D in the Desert...
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Bill Brasky once threw a disc some 30 miles. I believe it was with an old, beat in Groove. Unless I am mistaken, it was a thumber.

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