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Originally Posted by MHaas View Post
Thanks, I'll check that one out.

One other question, just because I've seen it mentioned in so many reviews. What's the scoop on the snakes? We've got Missassauga rattlers up here in MI, but for the most part they are harmless and will let you know where they are long before you'll get into trouble. Anything in particular I need to know about the snakes in DFW?
I would not worry too much about them, you may see one, but just like in MI they will warn you if you get too close. Just be aware of your surroundings and you should be OK.
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Definitely do Harry Myers like you said. BB Owen (if you don't mind the urban setting) isn't far from Garland and Paschal in the south part of Mesquite is good too. Audubon as mentioned but a few of the holes (10 through 15) are pretty mundane IMO.

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So it looks like Harry Myers tomorrow night after I get in, and Audubon on Thursday. I'm traveling light this time, no room for my bag. So if you see a guy carrying four discs, a towel he swiped from his hotel, and rocking the Old English D on his ballcap, say hi. Thanks for the input folks...
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I've mostly seen snakes at Cedar Hill. It's a poisonous snake preserve, so I guess that makes sense. Harry Myers, Audubon, abd Towne Lake are all very challenging courses. If you don't have a monster arm, or if you just appreciate history and want to play on Whammo donated baskets relocated from the oldest, and long defunct, course in the metroplex, BB Owen is probably of more interest. I tend to play BB Owen, Paschall, and Alex Clark in that region. I just don't have the arm to enjoy the more challenging courses.
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Originally Posted by MHaas View Post
Hey all, newbie here. I'm going to be in the DFW area for work for the rest of the week and am looking for a little guidance on what courses to hit up.

My client is in Garland, so I'm staying up that way. Just from browsing the courses myself I know that I'm going to check out Harry Myers, but I have one more night when I'll be able to get out and throw. Looking for thoughts on where else I should go that is close to Garland. I'd also love to know what league nights are for where I end up playing so I can avoid those if possible. I'll be playing tomorrow and Th nights.

Thanks for any insight...
If you can get on Facebook, there is a group called "DFW Disc Golf minis".

League info for the entire Metroplex is there. There's something somewhere every day.
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for any McKinney people out there, is there a good place to post about a lost disc at Towne Lake? i realized yesterday that my CE QJLS wasn't in my bag and i must have left it out somewhere at the course.

or, if anyone finds a sweet, tourquoise CE QJLS at Towne Lake it should have my name and number on it
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Not really, you could try Dewayne of StraightLine or show up for a Friday night or Sunday morning mini and ask around.
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Just posting over here as well to let everyone know Mccord is open now over in little elm. I really enjoyed the course, Its alot more fun from the pro boxes on most shots.
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Can anybody confirm this ?
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Originally Posted by sparkey View Post
Can anybody confirm this ?
If you look at the Mccord thread John says theres still some work to be done concerning trees and I guess some teepad was not removed correctly. Roc1time played it too. The course is definately playable though.
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