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Diabolicum´s D´yeh

I dye discs as a hobby. Always interested trying out new techniques and methods.
Diabolicum´s D´yeh

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Nice work!

Is the swirly part on this one dyed, or just a natural beauty? Either way, beautiful disc!

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Damn, you really got that plastic bag method down, those are some of the coolest lookin ones I've seen.

Willing the share any tips?
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Got this off your website. This dye might be the coolest I've ever seen on DCGR. Top 5 for sure.
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I would like to know what you use for some of these dyes? The gold ish color on that Fuzion judge is amazing, hell, all of them are amazing. Any tips to share for some of the colors you use?
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The smokey swirly with only spins is a stock Verdict. Added only some spins on that one.

The colours I use are iDye Poly, mainly black, crimson, blue & green.
The judge looks golden because the disc is metallsih orange fuzion.
Thinking about the dye colour and the disc colour together and knowing whitch colours match -> gives the best results.
No harm if you know even a little about chromatics or the circle of colours.
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Are you using a lot of dye for your saran wrap technique?
And what are you using for your base? Is it saran wrap, or grocery store baggies, or some alien proprietary blend of space goodness?
Excellent work, hope to see more from you!
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I probably use about 0,5l of iDye + water mix at a time when doing marbles. After I´m done I can pour some of it back to a bottle, losing maybe 2/3 of what I used.

I only use the iDye mix + saran wrap. Nothing else.
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