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Originally Posted by StevenDodge View Post
Based on initial feedback, we will be developing a more overstable version that will work well for faster throwers. Chris and Dana are being kind with their reviews, but imo, the disc is too understable for them to throw consistently. No worry fellas, we'll get you some overstable versions to test in the next month or so. Just so everyone knows, I am having doubts that these will be out this year. Please stay tuned.
This is what I was referring to for the more stable proto Vibram is tweaking.
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Originally Posted by chris deitzel View Post
Where do you see that?

Haven't got the tweaked mold yet.
^^^Check it.
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yep. NOthing yet. Getting excited. Not that the flippy one is bad. Just need something more overstable for my style.
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Originally Posted by a.bergal View Post
Before i knew about vibram i was a magnet/challenger guy. I liked the stability of the challenger but i didnt like how it was so rounded with no finger groove. But i also like the magnet because of the finger groove but i didnt like the understability. Now i have met the perfect combination that is perfect: Vibram Sole. I picked up 2 from gotta go gotta throw, and im am now addicted. I also own a trak ascent and ibex as well and they are slowly but surely replacing discs in my bag because of their great plastics and durability
I couldn't get used to the Sole after Magnets. Too overstable in comparison. Lemme know if you want to trade for/buy a pink and yellow firm!
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Just stopping by to say that I LOVE the Soft Obex!
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Originally Posted by KniceZ View Post
Current price - $70+
I pulled the trigger on the buyout when it was at 25
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For all of you who have complained about Vibram being slippery out of the box. I have found recently that the stuff Vibram sends to their retailers are usually ready to go without washing. That being said, just was them with something that cuts grease and you will be fine.
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Originally Posted by onemilemore View Post
Saw that Mr. Dodge and Dana were out at DN today giving the new driver a promo. Did anyone on here make it out for that?
We tested some different colors of the Lace. Each color was intended to be different stability.

The white ones had enough stabilty to be useful for me. They flipped up on shots over 450 and had good forward fade. The orange had more turn and were easy to work but on longer shots the fade started to disappear. Kinda like a 6/10 destroyer. The blue ones were understable and would be great for low power arms needing a controlled distance driver. Reminded me of a King

It's a very nice first distance driver by Vibram. Lots of glide and really fast out of the hand. I got a roller that would have gone 500+ if the shagger hadn't stopped it. Great forward carry at the end of the flight(no dump out). It seemed like everyone else was getting great shots with it as well.
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Originally Posted by ill4mation View Post
So I've looked through most of this thread and I have a question....

I currently putt Innova PnA's and want something more stable. I'm a hyzer putter also. I dont like big beads but a smallish bead is doable. What would you guys recommend? I also like a smaller profile but overstability is a must.
I would recommend a medium Sole. It has a similar feel to the PnA and is closer in stability to the BB Aviar without the bead.

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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
My 1st run Summit is impervious to this. I've tried Borax, windex, pretty much every degreaser I can think of. Just reverts back to dusty slick in no time. It's kind of crazy.
At the Disc Nation Ibex/Obex/Lace demo/test-fly, someone mentioned that they accidentally threw one of their Vibrams into the ocean and when they retrieved it it had gotten much of its griptastic feel back. If you try a salt water bath, let me know how it works.
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