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Originally Posted by kette_master View Post
I'd like to be able to 'see' where my weaknesses and strengths are. eg. Putting with a right-to-left, light, crosswind on a minimum up ground slope from 25'. I'd also like to be able to 'see' percentages of first-in and last-in for each distance.

It would be great if you used the diagram (Fig. 1) from this article to label the "wind directions".

btw... I recorded my highest score today @ 183!
That would be incredible and very helpful.
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I played my first 360 game today (finally got around to it), and scored a 108. I need some work! Fun game, though, and it makes putting practice much less redundant.
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I have been looking for something like this! Haven't played it yet but I will probably tomorrow. I have a practice basket,a distance marker and some red traffic cones that I bought a while back. Will be perfect for this game!
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first time playing this a few days ago...went outside to my homemade basket without warming up and shot a 154, I know I can do better, just gotta warm up before I play it lol
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Tried today at lunch. 60/90 for a 150 total. I was happy that the second half went better than the first. I'm limited to basement putting right now, so no wind or elevation... but a low ceiling (6'1") adds challenge... doesn't matter on the close ones, but starts to be a factor at 25' and 30'.

Definitely a fun game. And really makes you focus on those first and last putts.
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Thanks I just printed like 5 of those sheets out and will try tomorrow since I love Disc Golf but not enough for outside putting at 1 AM.

Should be fun though since we can compare scores here and all.
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Perfect Putt 360 is great, and it has really helped me to improve my putting. I am a terrible putter, my first total was 105, horrible. The last time I played, it was 178. My scores have progressively gotten better as I played.
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Not sure I totally understand the scoring. Do you get any points for the putts you make in between the first and last putt at each distance? The question is assuming that you miss at least one in the series of ten.
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Yes, but you get a bonus for geting all ten as well. The directions are on the scoresheet. It's really fun and simple with the sheet.
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i play this game! fun fun fun!
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