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Originally Posted by Mattallica View Post
My black challenger is blackie.
My pink Challenger is Pinky!

My Buzzz is Buzzzer
Teebird is TB
Tangent is Tangie
Drone is Dronevil (Boris reference there)
and the Wraith is the Wraipthe

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absolutely not
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I affectionately refer to my orange JK Aviar, KC Aviar and Roc3 as the "Pumpkin Patch"
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I have drawn pokemon on some of my discs so I refer to those discs by the pokemon on them. celebi (green champ teebird) and zapdos (yellow wasp) are currently in the bag, but I have mew (pink champ wraith), Pikachu (yellow dx leopard), snorlax (slow fat overstable glow champ bb aviar), and (blue star beast) riolu among my collection.

And a word of silence for my fallen soldiers that were lost and someone found and never returned to me... I miss them.. fennekin (orange champ mamba) and mudkip (blue champ groove). I would pay a lot to get those back.
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Originally Posted by weaktit View Post
I've got a couple that are nicknamed based upon the ink, such as F.W. and Danny. Others just get some sort of suffix(?) like -ator, -ation, -ey. Usually it's just cursing.
This. I bought a Suspect used and I call it "Minna" because that's what's inked on the rim, but otherwise I don't have any nicknames other than vulgar, spur-of-the-moment insults when I throw a bad shot.
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I am pretty happy with the way most discs are named. Trilogy has cool names, mvps names are awesome, discraft has some fine names as well.

And i mean STAR DESTROYER, you canīt get better than this.

Only company with bad disc names is prodigy imo.

So no nicknames for me
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Cool Names

Every disc I buy, I name! But not just regular names (besides 2 named after my late uncles), they're usually off the wall names. Like my newest, a Valkyrie, is named "Sebastian". You can see all their names in my disc organizer!
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I have a DART that still has the sprue on the bottom in the center. I call it The Nipple. I have two other DARTs that I call Jack Nippleless and Jack Nippleson.
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I do, but would get an infraction if I listed the names...
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