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when people say, "is that you on that disc" i say "no it's me." the best part is that in the image, i have Moose Antlers coming out of my head...
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Originally Posted by Johnny Rokketts View Post
Hahaha! Yeah, 'turn you piece of sh*t' seems to be a popular name as well!
LOL, oh man....blew coffee out of my nose.

Like someone said here, I name them by what I dyed on them. My star Tern "Wolvie" with Wolverine is the latest one. Unfortunately, he seems to like slashing on trees.
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Originally Posted by mattc View Post
When I bagged a Stag, every time pulled it out, I would say "Da Moose"
I have a moonshine Escape, that I pronounce " Es-cop-eh"
That's funny. A buddy has a Sword that is referred to as "the sWoord" (in a heavy British accent) haha
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Last summer I owned an XCaliber (lol..) and because it was pancake flat and yellow, I called it pancake.
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I had a star boss fold almost in half when it was really cold one day. It is now called taco.

I have a pinky(pink surge ss) and a stinky(found in nasty water), together they are referred to as the shockers.

I have always wanted to dye all of my discs after Snow White and the seven dwarves amongst other Disney charecters. I just really want to yell "snow white, your a bitch!". And it might make things less weird when I kiss my disc before I throw.
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My "It's getting dark disc" is a Glow Vibram Ascent
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I call my discs whatever name is written on the back when I find them.
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Originally Posted by Stankyjahnke View Post
Pro pig-oinker
Boss-the big bad boss
Teebird-Tree destroyer
You have inspired me. My flippy teebird from here on out shall be known as my treebird.
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Rarely. I do have a Fuzion dyemax Judge named Don Gato and the same image on a Fuzion Dyemax Trespass named Dan Gato.
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Originally Posted by joecoin View Post
I have a DART that still has the sprue on the bottom in the center. I call it The Nipple. I have two other DARTs that I call Jack Nippleless and Jack Nippleson.
for using the word "sprue". Also it seems like a lot of Trinity discs have nips as well. My Tursas has a pronounced nip.
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