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Default My predictions for the 2017 season, yours?

So the 2016 season is pretty much a wrap with the Major victory by my boy Big Jerm( i've caddied for him three times at the BHMO) at the USDGC. Now it's time to look forward to next year and I have some predictions. What are yours?

1. It will be a epic battle all year between McBeth and Wysocki but I see Ricky taking the W at seasons end.

2. The field gets deeper. By that I mean a higher level of playing by the top tier players. Yes I think next year will be another year of the Sockibomb but I see players like Koling, Gibson, McMahon, Ulibarri etc. taking it to the next level and stealing some majors and NT, DGWT, DGPT wins from McBeth and Socki.

3. Paige Pierce returns to a high level of competition as a DD sponsored player and wins her 4th World title plus a couple more majors.

4. Disc golf gets a major sponsor for one of its elite tournaments. This is a gut feeling mixed in with a little hope.

So yeah this is my prediction, whats yours?
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1. McBeth/Wysocki becomes a huge rivalry, with McBeth fully healed up and Wysocki having an offseason to get even more focused.

2. A couple of the second tier top pros (Specifically McMahon and Big Jerm but there are a couple other guys) will more consistently be pushing McBeth and Wysocki, but I don't think they're going to be as consistent nor as dominant as McBeth/Wysocki

3. The Pro Tour continues to grow and builds their brand even further

4. The DGWT continues to do their thing, although I just don't see how their model will grow the pro side in America. If they can get enough Finns to travel to the Aussie Open, I think it'll grow in Europe. I'm also really looking forward to watching their Konopiste Open, that was a gorgeous course.

5. There will be more growing pain decisions made between the three tours

5.5 (Longterm view): The PDGA eventually turns the NT side over to the DGPT within the next three seasons, while DGWT functions alongside running PDGA majors and a European-focused tour, while the PDGA becomes a sanctioning body and continues to run it's A/B/C tier tournaments as per usual
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1. McBeth will have a better year than 2016, but actual wins are going to be spread out more. I look for Nikko, Eagle, and maybe Sexton to come through in some big tournaments and get some wins over the "Big 2".

2. Catrina Allen will win most of the tournaments, like in 2016, but the Worlds and other big ones will elude her again.

3. The DGWT will continue to 'not support' live streaming, and will begin to struggle. Especially in the US.

4. Another "Philo"-type moment on ESPN Top 10.

5. Under the direction of the DGPT and PDGA, tournaments will get better, with better courses (or better layouts of existing courses), and better payouts.
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1. McBeth moves to VA for 2017.

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1. McBeast v. Sockibomb again, with the occasional challenger from the B-pool at random tourneys.

2. PP makes a comeback

3. DGWT folds, Discmania ceases to be (mwhahahahahahaha)

4. DGPT and PDGA bury the hatchet and make a great tour together and sing Kumbaya at the end of the season.

5. Halcon starts playing disc golf.

6. ADGT/Salient resurrects to exact vengeance on the disc golf community.

7. Probably more Sportscenter moments but disc golf still won't be taken seriously, which is fine.

8. BirdieMachine will once again post 9/11 conspiracy theories ad nauseum in politics.

9. VIP/PIF will (hopefully) get some more traction again. (#thxNoill)

10. Johnny Depth returns and starts the World Disc Golf Domination Tour
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Eagle takes the next step and dominates next year.
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Originally Posted by sillybizz View Post
Son of a ....

beat me to it.
well done.
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Nikko finally figures out how to control his discs mid-air via voice command.
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McBeth gets back surgery.

Becomes McBionic.
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