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Found an unmarked disc on Saturday at Black Locust in Kensington Metropark in Milford, MI. Send me a PM and include a description of the disc if you lost one.
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Last Sunday I donated a lime green Champ Firebird (that I had been starting to rip) into the river on the first tee at Camp Sankanac, no name no ink that I can remember so if its found I hope it treats the new owner better than I.
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Yesterday At mcclain park in San Antonio I threw my drive on 17 (yellowish green Avenger SS), walked up to it, took my upshot, and promptly walked off without my disc. Guarantee whoever was playing behind us found it, it was sitting on the right edge of the fairway. Oh well.
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I have lost 4 discs this year, a personal worst. I am very determined and live right next to the course that I lost them on (University of West Ga), so if a week goes by, I usually accept that someone has picked them up. There are three hot spots where most people lose their discs on; hole 2, hole 7, and hole 8. I have a disc in every spot. One is a 150g Champ Banshee on hole two and the other two are Anodes (lost recently) one red and one blue. These were my main putters.

Those putters are (were I guess) my main putters and I really feel their absence. I threw them as it was getting dark, and if you have ever played the course, there is a garden you are supposed to throw over. At the time, it was all cut so the discs should have been very easy to find. I searched for thirty minutes in the dark, then came out in the morning and they were just gone. I have a feeling somehow someone picked them up. I have a reward waiting =)
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flew the basket. my putter is in there somewhere

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Well my champ firebird that I dumped into the creek at Sankanac apparently made its way all the way up to Bear Creek and found its self wet again...I got a call about it today but told the kid who called me to keep it or make sure to donate it to some one who would throw it...its nice when people make the effort, it hadn't happened in a while
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I played mcnaughton park last week and threw 4 drives on 18...(this is a sweet hole downhill shot..)
it was getting dark and apparently i left my pink opto striker somewhere out there....this was my first ace disc and i really want her back!! it has "1st ace hole 2 mcnaughton park 276'" and my buddy chad's signature on it. I'm about 90% positive that it still has the guys number i got it from on here...so if you traded me this striker and you get a call...i will pay to have it shipped to me!!
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Threw my Pink Z Predator at a giant pine tree at Morley Field. Never seen again.
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Got my first phone call from someone who found a disc with my number. From a guy in Oakland, CA. About a disc I traded online a month ago. I told him to keep it, cause the buyer never bothered to ink it.
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worst round ever today and first time i lost a disk. all started at hole 3 at chu in denver, i grip locked and my disc landed on the huge pile of coyote crap. on hole 4 i landed in the middle of a sprinkler system. hole 5 i lost my blizzard katana after nailing a shed. i finaly saw it when a dog walked up to the fence with it already chewed to ****. hole six nailed a tree 15 feet in front of me. hole 7 some smelly arab ran over my 11x eagle then threatened to kick my ass when i yelled at him. when i started to walk up to him the nancy boy ran back to his car and took off instead of backin up what he said.
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