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Originally Posted by jkdisc View Post
lost my champ firebird today, i'm not giving up completely but i'm not counting on it coming back. i have back-ups but very sad for me.
it's back!!!!! my friend dove the hole a few hours ago and found mine +9 others. i'm stoked!
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I found a mini the other day - standard issue discraft mini, no name. I gave it to my kids.
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I lost one of my favorites, a candy valkyrie, in a tree. And everytime I play I have to look at that disk stuck in the branches. Everytime there is a storm I check to see if it blew down.

XL/ Super Puppy / Roc / Cyclone

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lost my best flippy disc yesterday at Sylmar. perfectly seasoned navy blye goldline vision.

threw a touch high and hit a tree hard. nobody saw it come down or kick off somewhere, and we couldnt spot it in the trees.

will pay for its return. no name or number on it.
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found a gummy Champion Orc today, 171g, called the number and told him it was in the pro shop's lost and found bin then i got back-to-back birdies, bonus
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Lost my first disc yesterday, Sidewinder. A bad shot put out in the middle of the pond at Pine Oaks in Ocala, Fl. No swimmimg allowed for retrival.
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Yesterday was a sad day. I lost my champion roadrunner in the middle of a pond at Lincoln Ridge Park
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I Lost my favorite Wraith (An X Out that was Green/White) at Twila Reid Park in Anaheim a few months back. I'd only had it a month and it was a beauty of a Flat Top. Haven't found another one like it to this point. I miss that disc.

Apoth I can't believe you lost your Vision. That thing was your go-to understable disc. Hole 16 at Eldo will never be the same...
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didn't exactly lose this disc but i threw a discraft venom into a tree and it is very high up there and i can't throw a baseball at it because there are to many limbs in the way and my question is does any one know a way to get it down other than shaking the tree, i have tried this and it doesnt budge the disc at all any suggestions?
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Do a search for "best way to get a disc out of a tree" or something along those lines, or ask prerube, or start your own thread and prepare to be prerubed. Or I'll just give you the most common answers here. Find a long stick. Wrist Rocket/Sling shot. Potato Gun. BB Gun. Tape measure. Rocket Launcher. Cut the tree down. Climb the tree. Shake the tree. Get a big ladder. Use a cherry Picker. Call the Fire Department.

Most of those are serious, you can choose which ones.
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